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Nurturing talents through homeschooling

As the school year is underway, full speed ahead, I’d like to offer a little perspective to this season of life you are either enduring or enjoying. I’m more and more aware of how important my knowledge needs to be of God’s purpose and call during this assignment for my life.

The foundation is based […]

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Wendy Hanson: Homeschooling with dyslexia

Recently we featured 7 dyslexia resources in the Kansas City area, and one of them included a new Facebook support group started by Wendy Hanson, a homeschool mom of two and MPE member. Wendy graciously provided some insights into teaching children who deal with dyslexia. 

Could you describe a typical day in your homeschool?

We are a […]

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Shawnee Town 1929 Homeschool Day: Field Trip Review!

This year we were delighted to attend the Shawnee Town 1929 Homeschool Day on Oct. 13!

The museum is a division of the City of Shawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department. It’s designed to immerse visitors in the experience of “a typical day in and around the farm community of Shawnee, Kansas” in the 1920s.

In the fall, […]

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From public school to homeschool: 9 tips to transition

Only 2 months in and I don’t know if I’m cut out for this. I am struggling with the constant complaining or annoyance of having to “do school”. I have a 1st grader and I don’t want to spend all day schooling, but with his habits of lollygagging and complaints, it takes him forever […]

About to withdraw your child from school? 5 things to know

When our members decide to begin homeschooling in Kansas or Missouri, many will withdraw their children from an existing school. Something about the school’s environment concerned them enough to pull their children out formally.

This reflects a national trend, where 91 percent of parents said a reason they homeschool is from a concern about the environment of other schools […]

4 Organizational Tools from a Homeschool Teen

Contrary to popular belief, we homeschoolers are often super busy:

Church events.
Dual-enrollment classes.
Time with friends and family.

How can we manage it all?

Well today, I’m sharing with you four organizational tools and how I integrate them in my daily life!

Tool #1: The Planner
This is a traditional, prominent time management […]

Tax breaks for homeschoolers in Kansas or Missouri?

I wanted to ask if you know of any tax breaks, government assistance, or write offs for homeschooling. Can you direct me to where I could find this info for Kansas/Missouri? Thanks!
We often hear this question from people interested in homeschooling, and it makes sense. After all, we are definitely providing a public good […]

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Sleep, Clean, Homeschool: 9 tips for household management

Newbie homeschoolers often feel overwhelmed with the idea of teaching their kids 24/7, let alone keeping up with household management! As one mom wrote:
“I’m wondering about two things and I really need some seasoned momma advice. #1 is keeping a decently clean home with homeschooling. What’s your schedule/rhythm of cleaning like while doing school? #2 […]

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5 ways to address the socialization question

We’ve all heard the socialization question one way or the other: “But what about socialization?” / “How will your children interact with people different from them?” / “How will they share common cultural experiences with others?”

As homeschoolers, we can be tempted to laugh off the socialization question. We can cite extensive studies that have found homeschool […]

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Social media and homeschooling: 3 tips

If you’re active on social media but new to homeschooling, you may wonder how much to share about your journey with family and friends. Discuss curriculum choices on Facebook? Post field trip pics to Instagram? Or maybe don’t post anything until you’ve figured this homeschool thing out?

The answer will vary for each family, but the good news is you have […]

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