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Top 5 homeschool blog posts for 2017

It’s been an awesome year of blogging for us, and we have the most popular homeschool blog posts to prove it! Here are the top posts ranked by our readers in 2017:
1. How to write a school withdrawal letter (templates included)
Although you can formally withdraw your children by phone, letter or in person, we recommend a […]

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Is state testing required for Kansas or Missouri homeschoolers?

State testing can raise a lot of questions for people new to (or considering) homeschooling. And now is a great time to ask, since registration has opened for our 2018 Stanford Achievement Test opportunity for homeschoolers!

We’ve gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience:

Are homeschoolers required to take standardized achievement tests, […]

4 Bible Passages to Encourage Students

It’s winter, the end of the calendar year, and the middle of the school year. The sun sets earlier, a chill is setting in, and many of us students are struggling to stay positive. Some of us have finals via co-ops or college classes. Others (myself included) have college and scholarship application deadlines. While […]

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Hands-on homeschool Christmas giving project!

How would you like to help homeschool families in Kansas City this Christmas AND give your children a hands-on unit study in practical giving?

Introducing our 2017 homeschool Christmas giving project!

This idea comes courtesy of an MPE member who’d like to remain anonymous:
My family does a Christmas giving project each year where we take the money we would […]

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Homeschool ID cards via HSLDA

Homeschool ID cards can serve many useful purposes. Probably the one you’re most familiar with is the ability to get special teacher discounts at stores such as Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble, PBS, and many more.

These discounts come in especially handy when you’re purchasing school supplies, educational materials, arts and crafts, electronic items, […]

5 indoor activities that homeschoolers enjoy

Especially during the winter months, a list of fun indoor activities can be a lifesaver to any homeschool!

Here’s a handy guide of free or low-cost ways to keep your young children occupied at home (or else in a safe indoor place outside your house):
Train sets.
You can use Playmobil, wooden or electric sets to keep […]

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Kansas Homeschool Civics Week (scholarships and other giveaways!)

UPDATE: Deadline to visit your state lawmakers extended to Dec. 15!

MPE originally joined CHECK, TPA and HSLDA in designating the week of November 13-17, 2017, as “Kansas Homeschool Civics Week.”

We offered $250 college scholarships to eight homeschool students who visited their Kansas State senator or representative during that time. HSLDA also offered eight free 1-year memberships to […]

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Is homeschooling preschool necessary?

Quick! What’s the correct answer to this multiple-choice question:

Should I homeschool my preschool child?

A. Yes.

B. No.

Well, what did you choose?

Any good home educator, economist or lawyer will tell you the correct answer is:

Wait for it…

C. It depends! 😉

OK, sorry for the trick response. In all seriousness, though, the answer will be different for every […]

FAQs about homeschool names

If you live in Kansas, you’ve probably heard about the requirement to name your homeschool. But what exactly does that mean, and how do you go about picking a name for something as common as … well, homeschooling?

Take heart – you’re not alone! We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about homeschool […]

4 College Visit Tips for Homeschoolers

Campus visits are one of the best ways to make a college decision. But how can homeschoolers get the best out of a college visit? As a homeschool senior, I’ve visited four colleges this year. Here are four tips I’ve learned about college visits!


College Visit Tip 1: Advocate for yourself!
As homeschoolers, we practice self-advocacy at several […]

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