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How Box Tops can help homeschoolers

You’ve probably heard of Box Tops for Education, the popular program sponsored by General Mills. More than 80,000 schools participate in this fun, easy way to earn money. But did you know Box Tops can benefit homeschoolers, too?

All you need to contribute  is simply clip Box Top coupons off participating products (see a complete […]

4 ways the PSAT can help homeschool students

The PSAT (like all standardized tests) isn’t required for homeschoolers in Kansas or Missouri, but taking it can benefit your family in a number of ways.

Every year our community has a great opportunity to take the PSAT (make sure you register this year before Sept. 15!), so we thought we’d highlight four ways this test can benefit […]

4 fundraising tips from a homeschool teen

Have you ever learned of an amazing and enriching opportunity, only to discover that it’s far beyond your financial reach? I have, and for me it was a pre-college summer program.

Since English with a focus in creative writing is my desired major, I was eager to attend the two-week creative writing program at a […]

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Chad and Michelle Womble: Featured MPE volunteers

Chad Womble serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the MPE Conference each year. He reviews our contracts with the convention center and the company that sets up our vendor hall for the conference. Throughout the conference weekend, he helps make decisions on the spot regarding issues that arise during the conference.
What is your […]

9 ideas to name your homeschool in Kansas

For people just researching homeschooling, the requirement in Kansas to name your homeschool may sound ludicrous.

What exactly should a homeschool be named? Comprehensive Learning Center? My Homeschool Rocks? Amazing Alicia’s Academy? Or maybe a mixture of all the above? 🙂

In all seriousness, however, every homeschool in Kansas (learn how to start yours here) is treated as a […]

Reflections from a homeschool graduate: don’t give up

Here we go again.

The endless search for the perfect curriculum.

Still catching up on grading from last…fall.

Weighing the pros and cons of yet another extra-curricular activity.
Yes, school is about to start again.
Do you ever start to wonder if it’s really worth it? If the ideals you had when you began this journey are truly achievable? […]

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6 “first day of school” homeschool traditions

How do you prepare for the first day of school homeschool as yellow buses start to roam neighborhoods and kids get fresh school supplies?

Even if they’ve been homeschooling all year round, it turns out that local families have plenty of great ideas for making their “back-to-school” time extra special!

Here are some suggested traditions and tips from area homeschoolers:


11 responses to “Why homeschool?”

Extended family, neighbors, doctors and pediatricians, even random strangers at the mall … suddenly anyone and everyone wants to know, “Why homeschool? Why did you choose this?”

Of course, your answers are going to vary from situation to situation. Sometimes you need an in-depth explanation, and at others you just need that profound but simple […]

Magali Laporte: Social media intern

Magali Laporte serves as MPE’s social media intern, working with different social media platforms and our blog. She is also preparing to take over the position of MPE Graduation Coordinator.

How did you begin working with MPE?

I first volunteered with the MPE conference as a page, then with the MPE Kids Conference program.

After graduating high […]

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7 easy ways to stay cool this summer

As the temperatures climb, it can be tempting to hide in the comfort of our air conditioning. But don’t despair! There are numerous ways to stay cool this summer without having to hide inside or break the bank.
Play in the sprinkler
Worried about water costs? Let the kids out to play in the sprinkler when […]

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