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Social media intern for MPE wanted!

Would you like to be a social media intern for us (and get paid, too)? Well, now is your chance!

Right now our ideal candidate would be someone within the homeschool community who loves (and actively participates in) social media.

Responsibilities may include (but are not limited to):

Posting updates, announcements and events to our Facebook page.
Posting a couple […]

How to teach vocabulary in your homeschool: 7 painless ways

Ever struggled to teach vocabulary to your children?

One homeschool mom recently wrote, “I want my kids to know big words and understand what they mean without bogging them down with a lot more schoolwork. What have you used that has really worked and what age did you start and finish?”

Of course, every child will […]

Introducing the MPE Homeschool and Work Support Facebook Group

As more families homeschool and work other part-time or full-time jobs, we’d like to help!

At our recent homeschool conference, we introduced a workshop called “Blogs, Businesses and Other Breadmakers for Homeschool Families.”

In it, we discussed various jobs that homeschoolers commonly used, along with benefits and challenges involved in balancing homeschool and work.

Some of the […]

Preschool field trips for homeschoolers in KC

Lots of field trips cater to elementary school age, but what about our preschoolers? These preschool field trips put the focus on play, interaction with nature and art, and exploration. In alphabetical order:
Deanna Rose
Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas, offers visits to the animals, feeding baby goats, pony rides, mining, fishing, and more.

Attractions […]

Why isn’t my favorite curriculum vendor at the homeschool conference?

Thanks to everyone who attended our recent homeschool conference this year!

As we go through the comments everyone left on our surveys, a common question is: Can’t we have more curriculum vendors, not vendors selling other goods and services? Closely related to that question is: Why didn’t I see my favorite curriculum vendor __________ there?

The answer to […]

Homeschool graduation ceremony: 5 reasons to take part

If you’ve never attended an MPE homeschool graduation ceremony, you’re missing out on one of the highlights of our year!

With our May 11 graduation ceremony coming up fast, we thought we’d take this moment to explain how this event can benefit anyone interested in homeschooling, even if you don’t know any of the graduates this year.
Remember […]

How do homeschool graduates compare with others?

We’ll celebrate our MPE class of 2018 at this year’s graduation ceremony on May 11! Come see the success and triumphs of these young adults as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

If this class is like previous homeschool classes, they have a bright future ahead.

Surveys have consistently shown homeschool graduates to thrive […]

Summer activities for KC-area homeschoolers

We have a number of summer activities for homeschoolers in the Kansas City area! See the ones we’ve compiled in this list (and add your own in the comments below). NOTE: Fees are involved for many of these programs.
Summer camps and classes, grades K-12

Camp Shakespeare. The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival offers numerous […]

Homeschool programs: 7 questions to pick the best one

Years ago when homeschooling was relatively new, we didn’t have to worry much about choosing homeschool programs. Only a handful of them existed!

Fast forward to 2018, when our website lists more than 30 area homeschool enrichment and athletics programs in the Kansas City area alone. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even start!

If […]

21 outdoor activities for KC-area homeschoolers

Guest post by Regina Wasson, Park Naturalist at Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center

Editor’s note: Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center offers a variety of wildlife and historical programs, including programs for homeschool families. The park is in Olathe along the K-7 Highway, just 5 miles from K-10. 

The outdoors is filled with educational opportunities, whether you […]