Here’s your last-minute conference checklist!

We’re excited to see you at our upcoming conference on April 7-8! It can be intimidating to remember all the things you need to get ready, but don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. With this handy conference checklist, you can feel totally prepared and in control … at least, for the next 10 minutes. 😉

If […]

Homeschooling through a busy season

Every family experiences a busy season. It could only happen once every couple of years, or it could hit as regularly as clockwork.

Whatever the reason for your busyness, it can make homeschooling a lot more complicated. There are several steps that you can take to calm the crazy and keep your kids learning during […]

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The 12 best homeschool deals in KC

We have such a wealth of homeschool deals in the Kansas City area that it can sometimes be overwhelming! Where should you start first? What are the nice-to-knows vs. the must-haves? Which deals come through every year, and which are just one-time specials?

Over the years, we’ve seen the most popular deals and specials for homeschoolers and […]

9 homeschool conference tips for newbies

Is our April 7-8 homeschool conference going to be your first time attending? If so, welcome!

We know it can be overwhelming, especially to learn a lot of new material in a short timeframe. Here are the top conference tips and strategies from longtime homeschoolers to give you the best possible experience:
Come early if possible.
Before you […]

Webinars and other audiovisual resources


For the audiovisual learners among us, webinars are a great option to explore more about homeschooling!

Instead of just reading a book or listening to a workshop, you can tune in to our live webinars as they come available. We’ll discuss everything related to homeschooling – family, household management, educational topics, and more.

If you want […]

4 simple spring break ideas for homeschoolers

Looking for spring break ideas that don’t break the bank? Gather inspiration from the following list of ideas for using your spring break to rest and refresh.

–  Take advantage of this beautiful weather and get outside! This post on 21 outdoor activities for homeschoolers gives some great ideas for incorporating learning into nature exploration.

–  […]

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Teaching kindness in your homeschool

Let’s consider the virtuous woman in Proverbs, specifically focusing on one part of her life. (And I will say this isn’t limited to the female readers here. Dads also need to understand these principles and live them out.)

Proverbs 31:26 reads, “She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her […]

7 ways to save at our homeschool conference

Homeschoolers have a reputation for frugal living, and we’re all for ways to save money – especially at our annual homeschool conference!

First is our list of suggested tips, then we’ve addressed some FAQs from the homeschool community below those:
1. Register at the earlybird rate – not at the door!
The biggest way to save at our […]

21 outdoor activities for KC-area homeschoolers

Guest post by Regina Wasson, Park Naturalist at Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center

Editor’s note: Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center offers a variety of wildlife and historical programs, including programs for homeschool families. The park is in Olathe along the K-7 Highway, just 5 miles from K-10. The nature center is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. […]

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Homeschool survey: Outside opportunities

What Type of Outside Opportunities Do We Use to Benefit Our Homeschools?

2016-2017 High School Marketing & Writing Class Marketing Project:
Team Members: * Gracen Bell *Rebekah Bennett *Kalyn Denney *Olivia Everett *Sophie Everett *Jack Frisbie *Noah Hoskins *Ashley Jacobsen *Andrew Kent *Connor McDonald *Joe Meyers *Andrew Reasor *Charles Spaedy *Nicholas Volz *Catherine Volz […]

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