4 Organizational Tools from a Homeschool Teen

organizational tools for homeschool teens

Contrary to popular belief, we homeschoolers are often super busy:

  • Schoolwork.
  • Chores.
  • Church events.
  • Dual-enrollment classes.
  • Clubs.
  • Sports.
  • Time with friends and family.

How can we manage it all?

Well today, I’m sharing with you four organizational tools and how I integrate them in my daily life!

Tool #1: The Planner

This is a traditional, prominent time management tool that many people use. From homeschool moms to high school students and even my fifth-grade brother, anyone can use a planner. Some planners come with special formatting for different groups, including:

  • teachers
  • college students
  • high school students
  • younger kids

Find the planner that works for you and use it to its full advantage!

How I use this organizational tool:

  • making daily to-do lists, so I can check off what I’ve done or move undone tasks to future dates
  • looking ahead at upcoming events, trips, or school projects
  • jotting down homework assignments in class!

Tip: Take your planner with you everywhere so you can write in events, homework, to-dos, etc. as soon as you know about them and not forget!

Tool #2: The Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is sweeping the nation in popularity. Created by digital product designer Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling uses a dot grid journal to create layouts planning the year, month, week, and/or day. Bullet journals are also great for:

  • tracking habits:
    • meals
    • exercise
    • prayer/devotion
    • sleep
  • recording homework
  • college/scholarship application planning

Inspiration and ideas for setting up a ‘bujo’ (the bullet journal’s nickname) are available all over Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube (including in our video above!)

How I use this organizational tool:

  • creating daily to-do lists (in addition to my planner)
  • planning for:
    • application deadlines
    • homework
    • meals
    • blogging + social media
  • taking last-minute notes!

Tip: In addition to being excellent management tools, bullet journals can also be wonderful creative outlets. Many people embellish their bujo for added effect. However, don’t get swept away with how your bujo looks! Doodles, calligraphy, and designs are nice, but make sure to spend more time on productive tracking and planning.

Tool #3: Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app is rather well-known, as it’s pre-installed on many Android devices and is easily downloadable for iOS. It can also be used on desktop and is completely free on all these platforms. I like it for many reasons:

  • quick and easy to add events/reminders
  • multiple notification options so you don’t forget!
  • events can be automatically added from Gmail

The app is also visually appealing, giving you the option to color-code events and sometimes automatically adding little images depending on the title of your event. You also have several options for layout, so you can see everything happening in the next 7 days or in the next month.

How I use this organizational tool:

  • scheduling one-time events or trips
  • remembering recurring events like classes or club meetings
  • viewing upcoming deadlines, tests, or projects

Tip: Regularly invite family members to events on your calendar or share your calendar with them. That way, if they need to know of any time conflicts or events they’re supposed to attend with you, all they have to do is check the app!

Tool #4: My Study Life

My Study Life is a completely free app available on Android & iOS devices as well as desktop. The app allows students to record:

  • homework
  • projects
  • upcoming exams
  • any other school-related to-dos

How I use this organizational tool:

  • recording and planning for essays (I include precise descriptions and instructions in the “detail” section of my tasks!)
  • checking off completed homework and add new assignments
  • creating study plans for upcoming exams (again–exhaustive “detail” sections!)

Tip: Don’t get behind in checking off or adding assignments! You’ll find yourself, as I did, unable to remember what homework you’ve completed and what is still left to be done. Stay on top of it and the app will significantly help–not hurt!

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So those are my four go-to organizational tools and how I use them! What do you do to stay organized? Let us know in the comments, and also let us know if you’d like more information on bullet journaling or any of these other tools. Thanks for reading!

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