“I am happy to announce the opening of an academy of digital arts and video game development, with homeschoolers specifically in mind.

My name is Sam Salo, and I have been sending out emails over the past couple of months about the online tutoring studio which my sister and I operate, called A Beau and a Belle. One of the classes I offer, Digital Art and Video Game Development, became so popular that I have decided to form a separate and official branch of instruction tailored around those subjects.

With my background in video game algorithm design, teaching, and film script concept art, I am pleased to open Red Letter Caclulus, an online academy of digital arts and video development. I have designed the course to be accelerated and unified, the equivalent of 2+ years of college work in the same fields. I will also be preparing students for potential employment as we develop several products in class labs.

For a tiny fraction of similar instruction in art and game schools, students will learn…

-3D modeling and texturing

-Animation and rigging

-Level design

-Video game architecture

-How to “think” like a computer

-5+ programming languages

-Photoshop mastery

-Digital drawing and painting

-Design and composition principles and techniques

-Video compositing

-Industry trends and developments, and how to stay ahead of the industry curve

-Advanced and cutting-edge topics, such as procedural generation


..and all in an accelerated, understandable, cost-effective manner. I will be tailoring the teaching to all age ranges, so students of all ages are welcome to enroll. Upon completion, students will recieve a classy and professionaly-done certificate of achievement which will be suitable for framing. We will also be developing several video game and film CGI products during the course, and serious students will have the opportunity to examine more opportunities after the course is completed.

Classes start soon, so contact me for more details. Please email me at the email address below. I look forward to serving you!”


-Sam Salo

Email: samuel.a.salo@gmail.com

Phone: 262-721-8887



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