Prepare for another great year at Exchange City!

Thursday, April 26, 2018, at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Gardner, KS

MPE’s Exchange City program, excellently organized by Karen Allison for many years, allows students ages 10 and over, who are in grades 5 through 12, to attend one year or multiple years as a student while assuming leadership roles as they progress. There are six different levels. Each student must complete a notebook to be submitted to the Exchange City coordinators. Attendance at a preparation day to be held one to three weeks before April 26 is required.

Parental involvement is essential. Thirteen parents must commit to helping at both Prep Day and Exchange City Day. (There may be an evening of training for new volunteers.) Additional parents will be needed to help on prep day only. Parents who are able to work both Prep Day and Exchange City Day will be considered first. Please note that childcare will not be provided.

The Exchange City experience not only helps students learn economics but also reinforces language arts, social studies, and math concepts. Students will participate in activities designed to strengthen resume-writing and interviewing skills. This unit study will take approximately four weeks. Workbooks will be made available on the website in late January or early February and will contain more extensive information. Parents will mark students’ errors, review the activities with the child, be sure the child shows corrections, and recheck the completed work before sending the drafts and final copies to the coordinator.

Questions? Special needs? Call Karen Allison (913-592-2808 after 3 p.m.). There is space for approximately 100 students. Applicants will be accepted in the order their registrations are received. Please register soon to avoid disappointment.

Exchange City no longer has a physical permanent location. MPE’s group will meet at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Gardner, Kansas for the day at Exchange City. The coordinators will contact Exchange City youth and adult veterans for creative ideas to enhance the Exchange City experience.

Complete the application form and mail the non-refundable fee of $17 (MPE members) or $21 (non-MPE members) to the address on the website below.

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Registration and forms will be available starting November 15 on the following website:

Deadline: January 25, 2018 (Please call to check availability if you are sending your application after January 25)