‘Profoundly blessed’ to volunteer with conference youth

homeschool conference youth volunteer
A picture of all the 2015 homeschool conference youth volunteers in one place!

Guest post by Deborah Kangas, from the MPE Kids Program

Parents, do you need a reason to get your teens involved in the MPE conference? Here are some of the testimonies from young adults who have volunteered in the MPE Kids program, which takes care of children ages 5-12.

This testimony is from a first-year volunteer:

“My first year with MPE Kids was amazing! I heard about it from some friends of mine that had been volunteering for a while, and I decided it was something I wanted to do. I love working with kids and helping them have a safe, fun environment where they can learn more about Jesus. MPEK definitely provided that! I think I had just as much fun and learned as much about Christ as the kids did! I met so many people that I had never known before the conference, and by the end, I felt like I’d known them forever! All of the leaders and volunteers were just so Christ-like and friendly! I definitely want to come back and volunteer in the future years!” -Anneliese

This testimony is from someone who’s been around the conference for a while:

“I have been a part the MPE conference since I was 5, and in fact I can still remember some of the songs that I learned my first year at the conference. Even now as a volunteer, participating in the MPE Kids program is still one of my annual highlights. I love working with children and teaching them about God, as well as seeing all of my friends that I’ve made there through the years. Each conference the creative team outdoes itself with picking a new theme and fun activities. It is so amazing how every year we get to reach hundreds of kids with the gospel of Christ. Volunteering at MPEK is a great example of what teamwork, responsibility and a really good time looks like.” -Isaac

The most amazing thing for me being a part of the conference every year is seeing how much God touches the lives of the children and the volunteers together. Yes, as a volunteer, our goal is to serve the children and show them Jesus. And every year, one of the most rewarding things is hearing stories of children who asked Jesus into their heart for the first time!!

MPE youth volunteersBut even while that is happening, I am absolutely blown away each year to see God move in the lives of volunteers. I see teenagers serving children and each other, being responsible, smiling even when they’re tired, being respectful to adults and one another, and showing Jesus to those around them. The amount of responsibility they shoulder, taking charge of someone else’s children, is huge! And the parents trust them with that responsibility.

I love seeing young adults step up and meet those expectations. Not only do they meet them, but many of the volunteers go far beyond the expectations. It is not an easy job and it’s an exhausting weekend. Yet I never see volunteers get angry, even though we’re all tired. I am honored to work with such an outstanding group of young people.

And if that wasn’t enough reason for me to volunteer, I make new friends at the conference every year! We are together from early in the morning till the evening. We eat, play, work through issues, pray, serve, and worship together.

By the end of the weekend, we’re like a family. I’ve made some of my best friends through working at the conference. It’s an opportunity to meet, work with, and get to know some incredible young adults! And reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a long time.

The conference is one of the highlights of my year. I am profoundly blessed each time I volunteer.

It never ceases to amaze me how God orchestrates every detail, each person, and every moment perfectly. From the skits, to the offering, to the obstacle course, to the worship, He directs it all. Even though the conference falls during a busy time in the school year, it blesses me to see so many people come together and serve the homeschool community.

Last conference we had over 80 volunteers serving over 300 children. And this year we’re looking forward to another great turnout!

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