4 Bible Passages to Encourage Students

It’s winter, the end of the calendar year, and the middle of the school year. The sun sets earlier, a chill is setting in, and many of us students are struggling to stay positive. Some of us have finals via co-ops or college classes. Others (myself included) have college and scholarship application deadlines. While the holidays are an encouraging prospect, we need inspiration from God’s Word to even make it to winter break. So here are four messages from God’s heart to encourage you this season.

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Isaiah 40:26-31 – God gives you strength when you’re tired.

Anyone can grow tired and weary, even young people (v. 30). But God reminds us that He never gets tired! (v. 28) When you feel the stress getting to you, go outside or go to a window and look up at the sky. Look around! All the magnificent things you see were spoken into existence by our Creator. Remember His strength, then pray and ask Him to carry your burdens. You might not literally soar like an eagle (v. 31), but He’ll give you the energy to finish this semester strong.


Colossians 1:15-17 – Jesus is holding everything together.

Sometimes we can have a tendency to think we have to do everything ourselves. We forget that we have a mighty King to call on for help. So when things start falling apart, we might start to panic. When your list of responsibilities begins to overwhelm you, breathe, pray, and remember that Christ is holding all things together (v. 17).


Isaiah 26:3-4 – Staying focused on Jesus will bring you peace.

Schoolwork can not only be a huge strain, but a huge distraction. While our responsibilities should definitely be a high priority, Jesus has to remain first. But it’s especially tough now, with tests, essays, and other looming deadlines. When stress threatens your time with Jesus, pray for the Holy Spirit to re-focus your mind. When you find your thoughts wandering toward everything you have to do, center it back on Jesus and His promises. Keeping Him at the forefront will alleviate your stress.


Hebrews 10:35-36 – God will keep His promise if you keep the faith.

God loves when we give our all and work hard, even under stress (Colossians 3:23). You will receive the reward of rest, peace, and a clear conscience if you keep working hard and putting in your best effort. Don’t give up! With God’s help, you can conquer everything on your to-do list.


I pray these passages encourage you! What verses do you turn to for encouragement and strength? Let us know in the comments!

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