MPE library

UPDATE: The MPE library has been closed. Feel free to see our list of other area homeschool resources here:

Welcome to the MPE Library page!

All MPE members are encouraged to borrow our homeschooling resources. Due dates are four weeks from the date of checkout.

In 2010, Evan Engel and other members of Boy Scout Troop 108 planned and created an exterior drop box for the MPE Library. Books and other items can therefore be returned outside office hours.

For last-minute changes to opening hours, please contact the MPE office at 913-599-0311.

Resource Categories

A = Audio H.O. = Home & Organization
AB = Audio Book M/R = Marriage & Relationships
B/CH = Bible/Character PH = Parent Helps
Bio = Biography S = Science
F = Fiction T = Teaching
H = History V = Video

Library Catalog

The resources in the MPE library can be seen as pdf files (updated June 2016):

MPE Library Catalog By Author
MPE Library Catalog By Title

A number of resource kits have been donated to the MPE library for checking out by MPE homeschool families. There is a chemistry kit (with some refills needed e.g. litmus paper, filter paper, all of which can be easily purchased by the borrower), an electricity kit, math manipulatives, volume 3-D plastic shapes, and a rock collection. Please look under Class K in the following catalog.

MPE Library Catalog By Class or Subject