5 Ways to Hide Homeschool Supplies From Your Children

hide homeschool supplies

Ever wanted a foolproof way to hide homeschool supplies in your home?

Perhaps your toddler has made off with the last roll of tape. Your older kids have somehow lost every pair of scissors you stored throughout your house. And your glitter and glue supplies adorn every place EXCEPT the children’s craft or activity it was designed for.

If any of this sounds even remotely familiar, you have found the right place!

Enjoy this list of tips and tricks from area homeschool moms who have successfully hidden supplies (and lived to tell about it!):

Think ‘outside the box’ for hiding places.

One enterprising mom uses a coat closet and kitchen cabinet for her homeschool curriculum. Before then she had experienced all the woes of leaving supplies out in too-accessible places.

“I have 5 kids… and toddler number 4 has finally won!” she writes. “I’m too busy to keep taking my markers and crayons from him!”

Other places to hide homeschool supplies include:

  • Armoires. They’re good for keeping things up high and out of reach from littles!
  • Over-the-door shoe holders. These can help, if your children are too small to turn knobs yet.
  • Attics and basements. These can be a little daunting, especially when your kids can’t (or won’t) climb stairs easily.
  • Bedroom bookshelves. Who wants to stay in bedrooms when the rest of the house is so interesting?!

Ration them out.

One mom has managed her homeschool through rationing tape out “by the inch.”

“Otherwise, it will be used to tape every single toilet paper roll and paper towel roll together to form all kinds of things,” she writes. “They all do this…..my 11 year olds down to my 3 year old.”

Another way to think of rationing is through the use of space.

One mom uses a separate room altogether, and children can only go into the room to use supplies during school time. “And nothing leaves the room!” she adds.

Use chains if necessary.

If you can’t hide the supplies, at least keep them stuck to a safe spot so they can’t walk away!

A homeschool parent used this approach to tether a pair of scissors with a metal – yes, metal! – chain to her junk drawer. (Her children had managed to cut the string she used the first time.)

Other moms have hung pens next to their fridges, just out of reach of everyone except the adults.

Establish boundaries.

Some mothers have found success by keeping a secret (or else not-so-secret) space that’s assigned only for them. It becomes a hands-off space only they can use.

Sometimes it’s a “magical box in my closet with supplies that only I get to use (like tape).”

Others put everything in a bin with the label “Mom Only.”

Come up with their “own” homeschool supplies.

For one homeschool family, each child has their own tote that houses an independent craft stash. Then they have another drawer for their own crayons, markers, watercolors, scissors, glue, and other supplies.

This gives them opportunities to be creative without mom’s needing to hide homeschool supplies.

“The extras and refills require permission,” she says.

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