How a home-based business transformed one family

home-based business

As the 2016 homeschool conference approaches, we’ll be featuring guest posts from conference vendors such as Micah Clark, who runs his home-based business with NeoLife. The MPE board does not endorse any vendor, but aims to present information that families can research and determine whether any product or service is worthwhile. We advise doing your due diligence with any product or service.

Part One: Beating the Odds

Our family story begins with our mom. We are passionate about health because of our mom. She lost her spleen and a kidney in an accident when she was 15, and it was a miracle she survived. However, she had a lot of health problems from that point on.

Doctors advised against having children because her body couldn’t withstand the stress. However, despite the risks, she really wanted to have a big family and felt God was calling her to do it.

Her health continued to decline and although they were doing everything they could to preserve her health, by the seventh pregnancy our parents began to fear the very real possibility that she probably wouldn’t be around to see even her oldest child reach adulthood, much less be around for grandchildren.

Just when they had almost given up hope of finding something to help her, our parents found the miracle they’d been praying for and her health was drastically turned around. She went on to have three more kids (there are 10 of us in all), and is now in her 60s and the perfect picture of health.

Seeing what good nutrition did for our mom, seeing how drastically it affected her health and completely transformed our lives, it made us realize just how important our health is, and sparked a passion in us to educate and help others have that same healthy, happy lifestyle.

Part Two: Living the Dream

home-based businessMy parents couldn’t help but become passionate about the nutritional products that completely transformed our mother’s health. Understanding all too well that a person’s health is their greatest asset, they made it their mission in life to share these products with others.

What they didn’t realize when they jumped on board with this network marketing company and started their own home business, is how this company would also affect their lives in a whole other, completely unexpected way.

When NeoLife came along, it not only gave our parents amazing financial freedom, but time freedom as well. My mom was already raising us with an entrepreneurial mindset and they had been involved in many home-based entrepreneurial business endeavors. Having a homeschooling mom of 10 who added a home business to her already busy schedule was incredibly inspiring to us kids. It motivated us to think like entrepreneurs and to be leaders.

In fact, my oldest brother, as soon as he turned 18, joined NeoLife and began building his own business. He built up a six-figure business which allowed him to take off five years to run for two terms in the Georgia state house of representatives while still supporting his five kids and wife.

He then went on to open up a real estate firm with two more of our brothers, but soon felt like God was calling him back to NeoLife, and he is now their Vice President of Sales for North America. Josh credits his success to God and the skills he learned from helping out my parents at an early age.

Why should you consider a home-based business as a family? Hopefully a few of the benefits are evident by hearing our story: financial security, time freedom, a closer-knit family, acquiring skills for success in life, etc.

It’s hard for kids to comprehend why math, science, English, history, accounting, etc. is vital in the real world when we grow up. It doesn’t help us kids when parents say, “Get good grades, pay attention to English; I wish I would have done that when I was your age.”

We saw firsthand at a young age why English is important. It was needed when replying back to customers’ emails, writing thank-you notes, etc. Studies have proven time and time again that hands-on-learning is the most powerful form of education.

In our family business, my siblings and I were able to actually put into practice what we learned in our schoolbooks and saw how school subjects and concepts are really needed in life. Teamwork, writing, communication, leadership, integrity, motivation, and even crisis handling and the ability to make wise decisions are just a few of the many qualities that we have been able to develop through that experience.

Watching and helping our parents build the business taught us invaluable skills that have equipped us for life like nothing else could. We learned things you can’t learn in a classroom or from a book.

The lessons we learned and the skills we’ve acquired are priceless. More importantly though, your kids will learn to commit themselves, their plans and everything they do to the Lord.

network marketingNetwork marketing is a great exercise in trusting God to make your plans succeed. We were raised in a God-centered home where even our parent’s livelihood, and the way they went about it, was focused on bringing glory to God and helping others.

Eight out of the 10 siblings have made NeoLife their career. How could we not be passionate about the products and company that completely transformed our mother’s health? Not only did these supplements save her life, but they have enabled her to be a vibrant, loving, energetic presence in our lives and the lives of her grandchildren.

We understand that a person’s health is their greatest asset; that’s why we consider it our mission, our purpose in life, to share these products with others. People are usually surprised and fascinated to hear how many kids there are, but what really grabs their attention and draws them in is seeing how close we all are. They can’t understand how that’s possible with a 20-year gap between the oldest and the youngest, especially considering how varied our personalities are.

What unifies us is our vision and purpose in life. We attribute our success to God blessing us with the privilege of being around network marketing and having that entrepreneurial mindset established in us, all with the ultimate purpose of being aware of, and having a desire to meet, the needs of others.

We need more leaders, more families banding together to make a difference in their communities.

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