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If you’re running a business, nonprofit or other organization that reaches out to homeschoolers, our 2018 conference ads are the perfect opportunity for you!

Every year our conference draws more than 1,200 homeschool families. They come from not only the Kansas City area, but also across the Midwest region (Nebraska, Colorado and Arkansas, to name just a few).

Because of the great demand, a number of opportunities exist for advertisers to bring their message in a friendly, attractive way to conference attendees:

  • Before the conference. You can advertise your company’s products and services in our monthly newsletter, which is sent to over 1,000 families around the Kansas City metro area. You have until Feb. 10 to submit ads for our March newsletter, and until March 10 to submit ads for our April/May newsletter..
  • At the conference. Each family who attends the conference receives a conference program, which also contains space for advertising.
  • During and after the conference. Conference bags are handed out to all attendees, where companies can submit fliers for people to peruse.

(You can see more about these options, including pricing, at our conference advertising page.)

How can you improve the effectiveness of your ad campaign? We’ve listened to comments and feedback from conference attendees and compiled their tips for the best conference ads:

Advertising tip 1. Provide (and prove) immediate value.

By far the most popular conference ads include time-sensitive coupons and discounts that can be applied straightaway at our exhibitor booths.

One of our attendees wrote that she reads conference bag fliers briefly once she arrives on the Friday, looking for deals. Then she takes the fliers home for a more leisurely review at night before heading back up to the conference on the Saturday.

Advertising tip 2. Offer long-term solutions.

Even if you can’t provide an immediate deal for attendees, you can always demonstrate how your product will benefit homeschool families for months and even years after the conference ends.

One homeschool mom wrote that she always files any of the conference bag fliers that she thinks may come in handy during the rest of the school year.

Advertising tip 3. Focus on homeschool parents and their needs.

Homeschoolers are busy folks, and anything you can do to help make their lives easier is almost certain to be appreciated! Services and products that help save money, manage the household, and streamline schoolwork do especially well. As one parent wrote, “I save anything [in the ads] that has potential for my school.”

Advertising tip 4. Consider a package deal to save on costs.

If you choose to advertise across our newsletters, conference program and conference bags, you’ll save 15 percent off the regular price. Note: Complete payment must come in advance by the first deadline of Feb. 10. Email info@midwesthomeschoolers.org for more information.

Advertising tip 5. Take advantage of social media!

For the past few years we’ve promoted willing vendors and advertisers who have given us their social media accounts ahead of time on Facebook and Twitter.

BONUS TIP: Make use of our free table.

All of our conferences have a “free stuff” table in the lobby area, which anyone can use to place their company’s fliers and advertisements. You’re more than welcome to leave any of your ads there, although it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis only.

This blog post was originally published in February 2016. It has been updated for timeliness and detail.

Learn more about our conference ads here!

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