Making homeschool memories

homeschool memories

As a homeschool graduate, I cherish many fond homeschool memories. Not of the long hours spent memorizing facts and studying maps, though.

My clearest memories are mostly tied to specific hands-on activities that my mother planned to help anchor the facts we were studying.

I remember making simple medieval costumes and celebrating with a feast while studying the Middle Ages. I experimented with fresco painting–painting on wet plaster–during our study of Michelangelo. We pretended to be archeologists, setting up our own dig to discover plastic dishes and chicken bones in the backyard.

Each of these subjects, on their own, caught my interest. But when I got to “experience” something I was studying, it became a memory I hold dear to this day.

Hands-on activities are a great way to hold your child’s interest and foster a love for understanding how people of the past lived.

This doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor, either. Simple costumes can be made with sheets, old dress-up clothes, and even thrift store finds.

Recipes from different cultures and periods in history are more available than ever through the internet. Salt dough maps, or even better, cookie dough maps, can bring geography into 3D reality.

Take advantage of a local Shakespeare festival to enjoy one of his plays the way it was meant to be experienced. Art projects from history can be low-key and fun–a papier-mâché Trojan Horse doesn’t require expertise!

Need more ideas?

Try getting together with other homeschool families. Two minds are better than one! If you are running out of ideas, teaming up with another homeschool mom can refresh you both. The kids will enjoy spending time with their friends and you can share the responsibility for the activities.

The library is another great source of activity ideas. Simply search for the subject you are studying along with “activities” for a list of books with fun and simple ideas.

Our family used the Tapestry of Grace curriculum for history, literature, and government. Part of this curriculum involved suggested activities and Unit Celebrations which involved recipes and activities pertaining to the period.

What are your favorite homeschool memories?

Share the activities that have made your homeschool journey memorable. How do you bring history to life?

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