“I am a former homeschooling mom of four children (one special needs) and a former lower elementary classroom teacher with over 35 years combined experience teaching reading. Through years of deep desire to help children, I developed a very unique phonics program, which has been used with wonderful success and increasing popularity to successfully tutor remedial and special needs students. IT’S REALLY DIFFERENT—please see the reasons below! Children who have become afraid of failing in reading can BREATHE with this program. Once they discover that it’s not hard, that they finally get it, reading levels can soar exponentially!

My husband and I decided to create a website and offer the worksheets, flashcards, and coordinating online practice games at as low a cost as possible ($24.99), but we could not keep the cost this low if we also had super-expensive advertising costs. So, we hope that you will feel comfortable passing the following information on to your members, even if you do not normally deal with beginning or struggling readers. There is always someone who desperately hopes for help in this area, and it is our hope that these materials may truly help those in need, particularly children. (It turns out that the program is also excellent to teach or supplement reading for average beginning readers, too.)


• It SIMPLIFIES. Each sound is learned separately, in sentence-reading format, with no unlearned vocabulary in the sentences. A child only has to concentrate on learning the one sound at hand. That = success!

• It provides for INTENSIVE PRACTICE of each sound before moving on. Kids practice sounding words containing the same sound 90-100 times over the span of a few pages! That = success!

• It can usually be used INDEPENDENTLY, once a child is given short practice with an adult sounding out words featuring the targeted sound. This is something struggling readers have rarely experienced, and it, in itself, is a boost to confidence. “I can do this!” That = success!

• It’s predictable (no always-changing directions), which BUILDS SECURITY, but the pages are also incredibly FUN FOR KIDS TO DO. They get to choose their own colors to “decorate” each page, and there’s something about that that makes each page seem fresh and unique, even though formats don’t change. That = success!

• It’s FUNNY to kids! They love finding sentences that are ridiculously silly, and could not possibly be true. That = success!

• It has a BUILT-IN RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM (read about the Find and Fix feature on the website), getting kids to try hard the first time, and providing for extra practice if they struggle. That = success!

• It has COORDINATING COMPUTER-BASED PRACTICE MATERIALS, including self-checking flashcards and a cheat-proof game format to play with other children or with parents at home, that practice Basic sounds. That = success!

Complete step-by-step lesson plans for parents on the website make it so easy to teach!

Great for beginning readers, too. You can read more here: Why Teach Phonics . Also, SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR A WAY TO PAY FOR THE ENTIRE PROGRAM ($24.99), MAKING IT VIRTUALLY FREE: www.targetphonics.com

Janis Dana



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