5 places to find summer reading books


Looking for some great summer reading ideas? Sometimes the best “education” for kids will take place when it’s too hot to go outside and they’re snuggled up on a couch or other cool place, browsing through a great book.

Here are just a few resources that many KC homeschoolers recommend as springboards to get started:

  • Project Gutenberg.

If you’ve never visited this treasure trove of free ebooks, you’re in for a treat. Project Gutenberg has almost 50,000 free items for downloading or reading online.

As with all resources, we recommend parental discretion and research. A good place to start is their Children’s Bookshelf category, which includes history, literature, anthologies and picture books.

  • Online summer reading lists.

The Internet can help you collate your reading lists in one handy page, and sites like Goodreads can provide collective motivation for children to finish their summer goals (and rate the books they liked). A few summer reading lists include:

  • Area libraries.

Your local library often posts fantastic summer reading programs, and they often leave the specific books to read up to you. Your kids get to participate based on the number, not type, of books that they read.

One example is Johnson County’s reading program for kids, which includes badges, participation certificates, and a chance to win prizes for reading.

  • MPE library.

Speaking of libraries, did you know a homeschool library exists right here at our office? We have a number of categories for you to browse, including audiobooks, biographies, fiction, history, and video.

  • Other homeschool families.

Sometimes the best resources for good books aren’t places, but people! Form your own book clubs with other homeschool families, or just ask them in casual conversation what their favorite summer reads are.

From our mentoring moms to online Facebook groups such as the Homeschool Hookup, it’s never been easier to connect with area homeschoolers. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of advice and experience they can pass on to you!

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