Rose Gerringer: Featured MPE volunteer

Rose Gerringer, MPE volunteer

Rose Gerringer and her husband, Gary, have lived in Merriam since 1999. Rose has served on our conference committee as workshop coordinator for five years. In addition, Rose shares how-to-homeschool presentations to groups, including our “How to Homeschool” Workshop.

When and why did you start serving?

I began volunteering with MPE in the summer of 2011 when I learned that the conference committee was looking for a workshop coordinator. I prayerfully considered the position and began helping plan the 2012 conference.

What’s your No. 1 reason for serving with MPE now?

I have attended a homeschool conference each of the past 20 years. I love conference! Now I get to help God encourage over 1000 families each year. It is my small attempt to honor those who helped our family and “pay it forward” to others.

My favorite part at the conference is encouraging the students who act as room hosts in each workshop room. These teens provide inspiration to parents attending the conference just like the teens I met at conferences over the years.

These bright young adults encourage moms like me to continue homeschooling through trying times.

I mistakenly idolized the homeschool leaders in the news. I’ve found the keynote and featured speakers that attend our conference are just down-to-earth servants. They generally have resources to assist homeschoolers, but they aren’t primarily book sellers. They are ambassadors for Christ and are passionate about helping parents disciple their children.

Gary and I have been married for 29 years. We have five children that we’ve homeschooled for the past 19 years.

My step-daughter is 30 and lives in Wichita with her two sons. She works as an accountant and enjoys fitness competitions. Kathryn is 25, attended Manhattan Christian College, and now lives near Fort Worth. She is expecting her first child in September, works at a bookstore, and creates craft patterns.

Melanie is 23, attended JCCC, and lives in Overland Park with her son. She works for a tech company and enjoys needlecrafts.

Collin is 20, attended JCCC, and lives at home. He works in medical research and enjoys all sports especially basketball and bowling.

Seth is 15 and is a 10th-grader. He works as a soccer referee and lifeguard. He enjoys playing guitar.

Lauren is 13 and is an 8th-grader. She does lots of childcare and enjoys dance classes.

Gary has been an electrician for 35 years and enjoys shooting sports. Our children have been involved in soccer, dance, swimming, basketball, and volleyball at various times. All of us living in the area attend and serve at Legacy Christian Church.

In addition to school work, the children and I have part-time jobs. We love to travel and see God’s amazing creation.

Why is homeschooling important to you?

We began homeschooling to provide God-centered academics. We continue to homeschool so that we can disciple our children through relationships, work, service, as well as academics.

How would you encourage MPE families in their homeschool journeys?

I would encourage each member of the homeschool family to have a friend or support group that you can “get real with.”

Making the effort to meet with the MPE Breakfast Moms on the second Thursday of each month has been a big blessing for me. Gary enjoys the camaraderie of serving with other homeschool dads at the conference and on sports teams. My children belong to co-ops and teams with peers who understand the unique life of homeschooled students.

Thanks so much, Rose!

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