I am a former homeschooled student that is now in Aerospace Academy following my dream to become a corporate pilot. The reason for my communication today is to tell you about an exciting opportunity that may be of interest to your homeschool group and families. This is an AWESOME, interactive learning experience that is sure not only to expose your students to the exciting world of aviation, but also give them the opportunity to interact with other students all over the world in a safe, productive environment.

THINK GLOBAL FLIGHT is an exciting concept that will teach students the exciting world of aviation while teaching them other useful subjects as well. (Promote the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education and the boundless opportunities in aviation and aerospace industries worldwide. This international in-flight effort will cultivate and promote a greater awareness and interest in STEM in classrooms by way of an around-the-world flight of adventure taking off in the Fall of 2013).

One of the greatest things about the adventure is that it teaches through hands-on activities, interactive research while learning from other students from around the world. The project truly offers a well-rounded learning experience that will keep your students excited and motivated to learn a multitude of subjects. Who knows, it just may spark the interest of aviation that may someday lead them to become a pilot like I am in the process of doing at this time.:-)

Basically in a nutshell, this is it: Through a strong network of educators, corporate sponsors, students and pilots, the project involves the journey of a plane that will be flown by educator and pilot Captain Judy Rice. She will be travelling across the world visiting and teaching as she goes. Students will be able to communicate with the Think Global Flight Team during the flight offering valuable input for the success of the mission. The awesome part of the adventure is that YOUR STUDENT will be a very important part of the flight, just short of being there!

Think Global Flight is in the process of setting up “STUDENT COMMAND CENTERS” throughout the world. These “SCCs” as we call them are the life blood of the mission. It will be these students from across the world who will be participating in the project by researching and communicating with Captain Judy and Navigator Fred as they fly from country to country. Students will offer valuable information that will aid to the success of the mission. A command center may be comprised of a group of students put together within your homeschool group like many homeschool groups are now doing, or a single family. It offers a great opportunity for homeschool students to work cohesively together to achieve a goal. THINK GLOBAL FLIGHT welcomes homeschoolers to get involved and recognizes the tremendous potential that they have to offer to the mission.

So, I am sure that you still have questions, so I invite you to visit: http://www.thinkglobalflight.org/ Oh and did I tell you that registration is FREE!

I am thankful to have been a homeschooled student for the years of my early life. My family made sure that I was exposed to a variety of learning experiences even travelling outside of the country to be able to learn about other cultures. It was these types of opportunities that motivated me to reach for my dream. I invite you to check this learning opportunity out and discover the excitement of a hands-on learning experience that is truly unique.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see you and your student join the adventure soon!

http://www.thinkglobalflight.org/ – Our official THINK GLOBAL FLIGHT Website

https://www.facebook.com/ThinkGlobalFlight?fref=ts – Join the adventure on our FACEBOOK PAGE


Warm Regards,

Jessica “Jessie” Seaman

International Lead Student/THINK GLOBAL FLIGHT




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