“Dear Home Educators:

My name is RL Barnes and I am writing on behalf of US History Scene (www.ushistoryscene.com). As a historian and advocate of home school education, I am reaching out to likeminded organizations in the hopes that you will share our e-mail with homeschooler families who are passionate about learning United States History.

U.S. History Scene is a free multimedia education website founded by Harvard historians dedicated to providing both home school history educators and students with access to premier digital resources, scholarship, and archives (without the dust)! U.S. History Scene aims to democratize history education by connecting history professors at top-tier universities directly with home school families in the comfort of their homes. Home educators can use U.S. History Scene’s resources to brush up on an unfamiliar topic, design lesson plans that will give their students an edge, and play engaging, primary source videos or lectures for their students. The content on U.S. History Scene helps family teachers empower their students with a solid understanding of our shared past, without having to break the bank.

We provide free online lecture series, multimedia history articles, interactive film timelines, lesson plans, and come April, we will have a free downloadable AP US History study guide, which will include key term flashcards and quiz set.

We consider history education to be an on-going conversation and encourage active user participation.

We invite parent educators to e-mail us directly with any “ask a historian questions” that may come out of your home classroom conversations. Parents may also e-mail with article requests on topics you are interested in teaching on a more dynamic level. We are also happy to help with questions on book recommendations or lesson plans at Editors@USHistoryScene.com. If you have fun interactive history lessons you would like to share with other home school families, we would love to hear about them.

Explore some of our free online lecture series:

1) Yale Historian Joanne Freeman’s lecture series on the American Revolution: http://www.ushistoryscene.com/uncategorized/yale-lectures-the-american-revolution-with-joanne-freeman/

2) Yale Historian David Blight’s lecture series on the American Civil War: http://www.ushistoryscene.com/history-lectures/civil-war/

We also offer a growing collection of interactive articles and yearly timelines:

1) The History of Japanese Internment during World War II: http://www.ushistoryscene.com/uncategorized/february-19-1942-roosevelts-executive-order-9066-and-japanese-internment-during-world-war-ii/

2) 40 Things to Know about 1964: A Timeline in Film: http://www.ushistoryscene.com/1950-2000/1964/the-year-was-1964-a-timeline-in-film/

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at Editors@USHistoryScene.com or consult our website: www.ushistoryscene.com

Our about us page: http://www.ushistoryscene.com/our-purpose/


R.L. Barnes

Editor, US History Scene”

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