Non-members pay a full price of $20.00 and members pay a discounted price of $10.00. The deadline is Jan. 19, 2018, or when all places are filled, whichever is earlier.

1) In the Email Check field below, enter your email address. Members need to use the email address associated with your membership. Click the Check Email button.

2) If you are new to MPE, you will be given the option to join MPE or complete the non-discounted registration form as a non-member.

3) If you are or have been an MPE member, the date of your latest membership expiry date will appear.

4) Depending on your latest membership expiry date, the following options will appear:

a) If your membership expiry date is current for February 3 (date of the Women’s Encouragement Day), a registration form will appear with the discounted member rate of $10.00.

b) If your latest membership expiry date is before February 3,

 – you will be directed to the Membership renewal page. Once you have renewed, you will be directed to click the link to the Women’s Encouragement Day registration page again (to ensure that the page is refreshed). Enter your email address again. Your new expiry date should appear if your renewal was successful, and the discounted registration form will appear for you.


–  if you don’t wish to renew, please continue to fill out and submit the non-discounted registration form ($20.00 per person) for non-members.

Please email if you encounter any problems with registration.

Since you paid online, you should receive a receipt from Stripe within the hour. Please PRINT or SAVE this receipt (to your phone). This will serve as your confirmation on the day.

After a few days you will receive a final confirmation email with more information when the office staff has received your payment from Stripe and completed your registration.

If you have not received your Stripe receipt within two days, please check your junk mail folder.  If it is still not there, call or email the office to complete your registration.


If your new expiry date does not appear to qualify for discount pricing AFTER you have signed up for membership and entered your email address into the Email Check field, please refresh this page or use a different browser to clear your cookies. If necessary, please try again in a couple of hours. We apologize for this and are working on it. Thanks for your patience. Please email with any questions.





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