Special Pre-Conference Recordings Discount!

(This purchase is non-refundable.)

The FULL MP3 pre-order price is only $50 for members at the Family tier and higher and $80 for everyone else.

All orders must be received by 6 p.m. on April 8, 2021.

At the conference, the full MP3 session recordings will be $90.  CDs will only be available by mail at $7 per session and a flat $5 shipping fee will be added to the order.

Resounding Voice will offer individual MP3 sessions at $6 per session to be purchased at the conference. They will send each customer an email link after the conference, whether it’s a full set or an individual session ordered.

Members at the Family tier and higher need to log in to receive the discounted price.

Go to “My Menu/Discounted Event Registration/Conference Recordings.”

The MPE Office may not be available if you run into problems during conference week. Please purchase them early to avoid disappointment.

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Updated 3/7/21