Looking for homeschool mentoring? We have a team of experienced moms ready to listen to, encourage, advise, and/or help you solve problems in your homeschool. If they don’t know the answers, there is a good chance they will know someone who will!

Whether you’re a brand-new homeschooler, beginning high school, struggling to juggle schedules, or just a battle-weary veteran, let someone help strengthen and support you in this important job.

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Our mentoring moms are here for you

Feel free to email the office at info@midwesthomeschoolers[dot]org (not linked to prevent spam) if you have more questions about mentoring moms and the MPE Sisterhood Group.

We would love to connect you to a mentoring mom.

A few highlights from our mentoring moms program:

  • All our mentoring moms are volunteers who have a heart for helping fellow homeschoolers.
  • Everything is kept strictly confidential between our mentors and those being mentored.
  • A “mentoring moms room” is also available at our annual homeschool conference. Anyone with homeschool-related questions can meet one-on-one with a mentor there.

MPE Sisterhood + Homeschool Mentoring testimonials

  • “Very thankful for Mentoring Moms – these ladies are so wonderful. Walking in to speak to someone can be a little intimidating, but I’m so glad I was brave and reached out. They are all welcoming – with loving smiles and caring hearts. I openly chatted about some struggles I was having with one of my kiddos and asked for advice on the different solutions I had been considering. After chatting, I was at peace with what I should do. And this year I did what my Mentoring Mom suggested and it has been truly a blessing.
    I have read a lot of books on my situation, but there is something uniquely different when you’re sitting side-by-side with someone who has traveled that path before you. There is no substitution for a Mentoring Mom.
    If you’ve considered talking with a Mentoring Mom, take the brave step and reach out to them.” Meghan Pierce on Facebook

Our MPE Sisterhood Group program was introduced at our Women’s Encouragement Day on January 25, 2020!