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Homeschool Enrichment Programs & Co-Ops

homeschool co-ops and enrichment activities
  • Apologetics Course for Teens and Adults
  • Art with Michelle Meade (Shawnee, KS). Book a private or group art lesson at your location with licensed art teacher Michelle Meade. Over 16 years of teaching experience with a certification for k-12. Fun paint parties on canvas available as well. Contact Michelle at
  • Brighton Academy. Contact Carrie Shore at 913-789-9381 or Ages K-12 with college dual enrollment.
  • Classical Conversations desires to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning. These “lost tools” reignite a love of learning and enable students to tackle any subject with confidence. Children ages 4-12 can participate in the Foundations program while accompanied by their parent. A trained tutor creatively introduces and leads the classroom time. In addition to the memory work, students also participate in a fine arts, have an opportunity to practice oral presentation skills, and participate in a hands-on science activities. Students, parents, and tutors develop precious relationships, and parents love the classical academic focus. Foundations generally meets from about 9 to noon one day a week. Beginning at age 9, students can enroll in the Essentials Program. A trained tutor strengthens the “essential” subjects of language structure, writing, and arithmetic while parent teachers work with their students to master the material at home the other four days each week. The Essentials Program is in addition to the Foundations Program and generally meets from 1 to 3 PM. In the Challenge program (for students 12 years old through high school graduation) teens wield the classical tools to reason, debate, create, and express themselves in a persuasive and articulate manner. They study six strands of interconnected information including literature studies and composition writing, logic, research, reasoning, and debate. The CC Plus program is a partnership with Southeastern University. Students in Challenge levels II, III, and IV can, for an added fee, earn college credit for their high school work. For more information contact Jennifer Richey at or visit
  • Discovery Homeschool Academy (2 locations serving Jackson and Cass counties). 20 years experience! Choose from 2 program options: Hands-on classes for the Enrichment program on Tuesdays and/or certified teachers partnering with parents for the Academic program on Mondays and Wednesdays. We make learning fun and educational, while offering lots of extras like class parties, field trips and concerts.
  • E3 Academy (Overland Park, KS). Call 913-292-9997 or email for more information. We identify the instinctive way children approach learning. We equip both parents and children with tools they can apply in the homeschool environment to better achieve success.
  • Reed Performing Arts Company (RPAC) is a dance and theatre studio in the Lee’s Summit community. We are excited to announce our new Broadway Kidz Homeschool Class. Do you have a child that loves to act or wants to learn more about acting? This is a weekly class where kids will be hands-on in directing a play, channel their inner characters as they select and perform monologues, develop improvisational skills, play acting games, and work through characterization and auditioning techniques. Kids also develop their acting skills using voice, body, hand and imagination and showcase their talents with a performance at the end of the semester. RPAC also offers 5 musicals a year for actors that love to sing and dance on stage. We offer recreational and competitive dance for kids that have a desire to dance and perform. We work hard with our students to bring out their inner performer and develop confidence within themselves. Come be a part of our family in our new 10,000 Square Foot Studio! Classes begin September 2021! For more information on our studio, please contact us at 816-525-4455, or visit our website at Thank you!
  • REW Homeschool Band & Orchestra / Budding Musicians (6-9yrs old) @ REW Music — REW Music’s Homeschool Band & Orchestra offers opportunities for students 10-18 with 3 Bands, a Jazz Band, & 3 String Orchestras grouped by playing ability. We even add in the auxiliary instruments, like String Bass, Bass Clarinet, Tuba, Timpani, and more! Jacki Woeppel, the founder and director, has been working with students for over 35 years to bring the rewarding world of music to life. This Homeschool Band and Orchestra is full of energy, excitement, and employs techniques that allow the students to succeed and have fun learning and making music. The camaraderie of the REW Music Homeschool Band and Orchestra will assist in positive self expression, self confidence, discipline and creativity from learning to play a musical instrument. There is no limit to what you can achieve! For more information, contact REW Music at 913-894-4349 or email Jacki at
  • South Side Striders Band (Raymore, MO). Our band is comprised of students from around the metro. We offer several band opportunities, including marching band, so there is something for everyone! Students with or without musical experience are welcome. Classes are held every Friday in Raymore, MO. Contact Jennifer Meyer at
  • South Side Schoolhouse, Inc (Grandview, MO). Parent-led Christian Homeschooling Co-Op Group offering hands-on activities, lively discussions and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for students of all ages, 0 through High School Seniors. Contact via website:
  • Speech Therapy (Missouri & Kansas). Kathy Blair is an ASHA certified speech pathologist who specializes in working with children and is licensed in Missouri and Kansas. She offers online speech-language therapy services at very reasonable rates. Kathy has 28 years of experience as a speech pathologist, and has treated many diagnoses, including (but not limited to), articulation deficit, language delay, phonological process errors, apraxia of speech, fluency (stuttering), voice, cleft palate resonance issues and auditory processing skills. If you have any questions or concerns about speech development or wish to schedule an appointment with Kathy, please email her at
  • Trail Life. Guiding courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure. MPE has a sponsored troop – KS-0412. Click the link to find our troop or a troop near you.
  • Wonderscope Children’s Museum. The Regnier Family Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City. The region’s only fully accessible, nonprofit children’s museum dedicated to providing STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math – educational experiences for young children and their families. Wonderscope features 30,000 square feet of indoor exploration and 1/2 acre of year-round outdoor adventure, all with a unique Kansas City theme. Exhibits meet Missouri and Kansas educational standards for early childhood and K-2. Field trips are available Tuesday-Friday and must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Athletic and Sports Programs


Homeschool Pods / Hybrid Homeschooling

Since COVID-19, interest has exploded in alternative educational options such as homeschool pods, hybrid homeschooling, and other forms of group learning. These do not have to be traditional homeschool “co-ops” as the parents are often not physically present while children are learning, and often other teachers are the ones overseeing and caring for the children during the school day.

  • Sally DoddA retired Kindergarten Teacher in southern Overland Park is looking for a few families who would be interested in having her homeschool their children for them. Sally is one of the founders of a Classical Christian School that has been around since 1995. (Before starting the school in 1995, she homeschooled her own children.) She is especially interested in KDG-4th Grade for up to 4 students (possibly 5 unless all want a full day). Contact her at

Other homeschool enrichment resources

See a quick guide of things to consider when choosing homeschool enrichment programs.

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