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In the fall of 1986, a group of 17 homeschool families gathered to provide encouragement and fellowship for one another. This was the beginning of the Johnson County Parent Educators (JCPE). In late 2001, the JCPE membership voted to change the organization’s name to Midwest Parent Educators (MPE).

JCPE/MPE has experienced growth commensurate with that of the homeschooling movement nationally. We serve homeschoolers in the greater Kansas City metro area, including many from Wyandotte, Miami, and Douglas counties in Kansas and from counties in Kansas City, Missouri.

Board of Directors

MPE has incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and has adopted official by-laws. Midwest Parent Educators is governed by a board, from which an executive committee of officers is chosen. Husband and wife serve as one member of the board, with each family unit receiving one vote. All members of the Board of Directors must agree to endorse and support MPE’s Mission Statement and Statement of Faith (listed in the official by-laws).

The 2023 – July 31, 2024 members of the Board of Directors are:

Herb and Jenny Albertson, Interim Vice PresidentYasha and Lian Lange, Executive Director
Curtis and Tricia Aubrey, TreasurerLarry and Jennifer Laporte
Jason and Emily CowdenDave and Beth Layman
Kelley and Jennifer Ireland, SecretaryRobert and Jennifer Simmons, Interim President
Kris and Carissa JonesChad and Michelle Womble, Immediate Past President

The MPE Homeschool Conference

The Midwest Parent Educators Conference and Curriculum Fair began as a joint effort between Families for Home Education (FHE) and JCPE. It was originally called the MO-KAN Conference and began in 1992. Since 1994, the conference has been sponsored solely by MPE. The goal of the conference is to provide families with motivation and tools for continuing the home education process.

Well-known speakers from across the nation are brought to Kansas City for the conference each spring. Over 180 vendors participate in the curriculum fair, and multiple workshops are offered to address issues facing homeschooling families. The conference has an average attendance of over 2500 people.

The Office

A part-time office manager works several hours per week in the office. Hours are posted each week on the office phone at 913-599-0311.

Other Activities

Members of MPE receive 10 issues of a newsletter, The Parent Educator, each year. Each issue contains news of events, classes, and activities of interest to homeschoolers. MPE also sponsors several support group meetings each school year. Seniors of those families who have been members of MPE for at least two years may participate in an inspirational high school graduation ceremony in the spring.


  • “MPE has provided so much information and connection for our family as new homeschoolers. As we contemplated making this step, MPE helped guide us to the life-changing decision with confidence. We’re so excited to be a part of an organization that does so much for its members. Our GWL start was so fun and affordable. We may not have ever done it without MPE. We especially loved being around like-minded people. Even though we may have different reasons for homeschooling and different approaches, we love our kiddos. Thanks for helping us stay connected!” -Wendy B., October 2022 survey
  • “I love the amount of resources MPE offers, and the communication they send out. Tips and advice are so helpful, especially for first-time homeschool families.” -Athena M., October 2022 survey
  • “We are still in the elementary years of our homeschool journey and knowing that MPE is there for resources, homeschooling advice, and fun events is the best part. I have enjoyed attending events that MPE has organized and I look forward to more.” -Sarah D., October 2022 survey
  • “Great support in all areas of homeschooling especially the annual homeschool conference and women’s event they host each year.” -Jennifer Walker Newsom
  • “Maintaining a group like MPE, which I feel is the communication “spine” for the homeschooling community, helps keep our freedom and right to homeschool. It can quickly make its members aware of the current political policies in our area that need attention. It helps keep us connected and encouraged, which everyone needs at some point so they can stay focused on our eternal perspective and not give up.” -2018 survey respondent
  • “Great site for home school information including sports opportunities.” -Randall Miller
  • “MPE provides a central voice for encouragement and learning in the homeschooling community.” -2018 survey respondent
  • “It is an excellent way to build confidence and endurance to follow this calling your life as parent homeschooler; physically, emotionally and spiritually.” -Michala Johnston
  • “MPE was a great resource for me when we were new to the area.  I know there are other avenues to find people but it was nice to have a “one-stop resource” for information.  I would think that other people who are new to the area or new to homeschooling would lose a valuable resource if MPE did not exist.” -2018 survey respondent
  • “Without MPE, I would feel much more alone on this journey.  The annual convention is so important in inspiring me to continue homeschooling for another year.” -2018 survey respondent
  • “If MPE did not exist I would not be homeschooling our son. Last year around February-March time frame I was struggling with whether to homeschool our son or send him to public school at the beginning of the next school year.  A couple of homeschool moms encouraged me to attend the annual MPE Conference.  I decided to go.  I was amazed at all the opportunities Homeschooling children have in the KC metro area.  I went to several workshops and was so encouraged.  We joined a CC group in the Northland.  It was confirmation homeschooling is the path the Lord has for us.  If MPE did not exist I don’t think there would be as many homeschooling opportunities nor as many homeschooling families in the KC metro area.” -2018 survey respondent
  • Knowing MPE is ‘out there’ has actually given me the confidence I needed to say “I can do this”. It is a huge benefit to this region to have such an awesome homeschool network!” -2018 survey respondent
Updated 11/13/2023