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Help – we don’t know anyone who homeschools or where to start! Could you give us a crash course on homeschooling?

Of course – many of us began in exactly the same situation! Go to our “Homeschool Now” section and read all the information there, especially if you are living in either Kansas or Missouri.

If your child is already attending school, it’s wise to formally withdraw them from the school and request their student records (we have free sample templates here).

You must do this before starting to homeschool, especially if you’re withdrawing your children from public school, or you are technically truant from the school system.

We also recommend you connect with other area homeschoolers as soon as you can.

Once you become a member of MPE, you will have access to a list of support groups and coops or homeschool enrichment programs in the local area, and you can choose which ones you would like to visit. These groups will supply you with local information, activities and opportunities, encouragement from veteran homeschoolers, field trips, and more.

You’ll also receive our newsletter 10 times a year, with many activities and opportunities available to homeschoolers in the KC metro area.

Can you give me some advice on curriculum?

Attending our homeschool conference can help you sort out the different curriculum options available.

If you’re starting in the middle of the school year, resources like Cathy Duffy’s 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum can help you identify your child’s learning style, so that the curricula you choose will best help your family.

Often the best advice about curriculum and homeschooling comes from area families, who can help you as you become an MPE member. You can post a question on our Facebook page or message us privately, if you prefer.

What does a typical homeschool day look like?

The beauty about homeschooling is that every family is different, and one family’s “typical day” will be completely different from another.

But take heart! Although it may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll find out what works best for you over time. Check out our popular post about creating the best homeschool morning routine for your family.

How do I make sure my children don’t miss out on extracurricular activities? / How do I get involved in homeschool co-ops, enrichment programs, sports & more?

In the elementary school years, homeschooling families find that most of the important school work (language, math, science, social studies) can be done in the morning, leaving the afternoons for art, music and extracurricular activities.

Many homeschool enrichment and athletic programs exist locally where your children can learn subjects like PE, music, Spanish, art and computers with other homeschooled students.

Do you offer standardized testing to homeschoolers?

Yes. MPE offers different testing to homeschool families annually throughout the year. You can find more info here!

What about special financial incentives / deals for homeschool families?

If you’re talking about any tax credits available to homeschoolers in Kansas and Missouri, please see this blog post.

For special homeschool deals around the Kansas City area, we’ve collected our top list here that you can access anytime – for free!

How do I advertise with MPE?

The best way to reach the local homeschooling community in the Kansas City metro area is to advertise in our newsletter, The Parent Educator, which is emailed 10 times a year to over 4,000 subscribers.

For more details such as sizes, costs and deadlines, please see our ad rates.

Why haven’t I received my newsletter, The Parent Educator?

Sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will move the newsletter to the Junk Mail folder. In that case, you can usually change your email program settings to accept the newsletter as valid mail and not junk.

Or you may want to have the newsletter sent to an alternative email address from another ISP if you have one (but you may have to check your Junk Mail folder there also).

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