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Tax Breaks For Homeschoolers In Kansas Or Missouri?

By September 29, 2021April 11th, 2022One Comment

Do any tax breaks, government assistance, or write offs for homeschooling exist for the states of Kansas and Missouri?

We often hear this question from people interested in homeschooling, and it makes sense. After all, we are definitely providing a public good – the education and well-being of the next generation of citizens!

As homeschooling has become more mainstream, several organizations have taken steps to recognize the financial sacrifice and public benefits that follow.

For example, some U.S. states like Illinois and Louisiana allow tax credits and deductions for homeschool families up to a certain amount each year.

However, as you may have noticed, Kansas and Missouri are not among these states, as of 2021!

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Can you deduct homeschool expenses in KS or MO?

The states of Kansas and Missouri do not offer tax deductions, government assistance, or other tax breaks for homeschoolers.

Kansas recognizes each homeschool as a non-accredited private school (see more details in our Starting Homeschool section). Therefore, we do not receive any special tax exemptions for homeschooling.

However, we do have other tips for saving on homeschool expenses:

Get an HSLDA member discount.

We recommend that all our members join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) to protect their homeschooling rights.

You can get a discount code through your MPE membership at the Family tier or higher. We’ll send you the code once you sign up.

Buy used curriculum wherever possible.

Our used curriculum sale is a great opportunity each summer to see curriculum before you buy it!

You can also attend our homeschool conference in the spring to shop the vendor halls there and see the types of curriculum available.

The conference also has workshops to address different areas of homeschooling and answer any questions you may have.

Use your homeschool support network.

We have support groups in the area, some for MPE members and others open to any homeschooler.

Check out our homeschool enrichment / athletic programs page for a detailed listing of some co-ops and other associations in the Kansas City area.

Plan for discount events.

Newcomers to the KC area constantly marvel at the range of homeschool events we have!

For example, area hotspots like Great Wolf Lodge, Schlitterbahn and Worlds of Fun all have their own seasonal homeschool discounts.

If you want to stay informed on these, check our Facebook events page for the latest updates.

Take advantage of free resources.

We have a great list of suggestions compiled on our teaching resources page (scroll down to the “Free Teaching Resources” section).

Will there ever be tax breaks for homeschoolers in Kansas or Missouri?

We can always live in hope!

We are not going to dwell too long on the double taxation of private and homeschool parents in that we pay taxes for supporting our local school district, yet do not share in the majority of those benefits. Most homeschoolers will appreciate anything that recognizes our financial sacrifice.

However, tax breaks sometimes come with strings attached. HSLDA has a good summary here:

“HSLDA is opposed to any legislation that would increase regulation of homeschoolers. While government funding of any program is usually tied to a myriad of stipulations (with which one must comply to receive the funding), tax credits are not funding—rather, they are a way of returning the people’s own money to them. HSLDA believes that tax credits can help homeschoolers avoid the burden of double taxation, and in the past has supported most tax credit bills.”

Any other tips for homeschoolers to save on educational expenses? Share in the comments!

We have updated this blog post, originally published in 2019, for timeliness and detail.

Shanxi Omoniyi

Shanxi Omoniyi

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