used curriculum sale

Our 2020 Used Curriculum Sale will be held on June 4, at the Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene, 11811 State Line Road, KCMO 64114. 

Registration will open mid-April for members and mid-May for non-members.


  • Admission is free for all buyers.
  • If you are selling curriculum as part of a business (and need to charge tax), we cannot accept you at this event as it is for personal homeschool sellers only. Please come to Annual Homeschool Conference and get a booth in the Vendor Hall instead. 

A few tips for the big day:

  • Bring plenty of change and small bills.
  • Come prepared! Sale veterans usually come armed with a backpack, tote bag, or even small suitcase to cart around their purchases.
  • Determine in advance what curricula you’re looking for, and at what prices.
  • Make it an enjoyable time for children, if they’re old enough, by giving them a small amount of money to spend on whatever books/toys they find there.
  • Take note of the start and end times, and make the best use of the time you have. Setup and cleanup times are strictly enforced.
  • Any unsold items may be donated to MPE. A tax receipt will be provided if desired. If you donate books to MPE, it is your responsibility to load them into the MPE vehicle. You may not leave unsold items at the sale. 
  • Have fun!

Overheard at previous used curriculum sales

  • “We come every year and every year it’s a blessing and a huge savings in our wallet. Thank you again for putting this together year after year.” Ray and Sandra Ford
  • “It was my first time to a curriculum sale since I was homeschooled 12 years ago! I felt like a kid in a candy store I didn’t buy much, but loved talking to all the parents who were so helpful and encouraging. A lot has changed since I was in school, so many more options. It was so wonderful to see so many homeschooling families in the area!” — Tracy Scarborough
  • “Grateful for the event, thanks for organizing and offering this!” — Melissa Rousseau