So you want to start homeschooling, but don’t know where to begin?

We have detailed step-by-step instructions for starting your homeschool in Kansas or Missouri.

Meanwhile, here are some general tips and information about homeschooling that will be helpful to you in whatever state you happen to be:

1) Research homeschooling.

A few suggested resources to start your exploration:



2) Establish your support network.

Find a few homeschool families in your area and reach out to them! Their advice and shared experiences will prove invaluable to you as you start your journey.

Some ideas on how to begin:


    • Attend support groups. We have a list of support groups, called cluster groups, in the Kansas City area. Use your member login to obtain the most current list.
    • Come to our next homeschool conference. Homeschool conferences, or conventions, are great places to research curricula and attend workshops that address specific homeschooling needs.
    • Just ask! Anytime you have a question, browse our FAQs section to see if it’s already been answered or feel free to contact us.


3) Become a member of Midwest Parent Educators (recommended).

For just $50 a year, you’ll get member benefits that include:


    • Free admission to our annual homeschool conference (a more than $60 value!)
    • Discounts to annual standardized testing for grades K – 11
    • High school graduation ceremony (must meet certain criteria – call MPE office)
    • Special discounts purchasing a table at our annual used curriculum sale
    • Subscription to our newsletter, The Parent Educator, filled with local events and opportunities for area homeschoolers (10 issues every year)
    • Access to our MPE Sisterhood Group
    • Access to our member only directory (free business listing for members as well)
    • $15 discount on annual HSLDA membership
    • Discounted admission to Women’s Encouragement Day
    • Access to FREE donated curriculum


Become a member of MPE

4) Enroll with Home School Legal Defense Association (recommended).

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has more than 80,000 families standing together to protect and advance homeschool freedoms, not just in the United States, but around the world. When you become a member, you are guaranteed professional legal representation if your right to home education is ever threatened.



Note: If you become a member of Midwest Parent Educators first, we will give you a discount code to take $15 off the cost of your HSLDA membership.

5) Formally withdraw from the current school by phone, letter, or in person.