2021 Homeschool Conference

The vendors listed below will be attending our conference. Each vendor is linked to their website.

Vendors We Miss

All of us at Midwest Parent Educators make it one of our highest priorities to respect and honor our conference vendors. In these trying times, we know many of them have been affected by the impact that this pandemic has had on our economy. We know behind their businesses, they have a family to care for as well!

While many of them were not be able to attend this year, they have found other ways to support our organization this year through sponsorships, advertising, and donations. In this section we’ve gathered all the vendors who for one reason or another couldn’t join us at our alternate venue this year.

Take the time to seek out the businesses who might be a good fit for your family and reach out and support them as well. Your continued support of these businesses during this difficult season could make the difference in their ability to return to future conferences here in Kansas City.

It is our great honor to present to you the many businesses that have partnered with us through with MPE through the years to present our annual conference.

Updated 3/25/21

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