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If you don’t want to pay with your credit card, feel free to complete this membership form and mail in your check. Thank you for understanding!

MPE membership costs $50 per year (rolling enrollment) and includes admission to the 2019 conference.

If you want to register and pay by check, please fill out and complete this formprint and mail it with your check for $50 (made out to MPE) to MPE, P.O. Box 14391, Lenexa, KS 66285.

If you want to register and pay online:

  • If you are new and want to apply for membership, please complete and submit the form.
  • If you are renewing your membership, please enter the email address that you gave when you last signed up. Your latest membership expiry date will then appear. You can complete and submit the form to renew your membership for one year from today or from your expiry date, whichever is later.

If you want to renew with a new email address, please email after renewing with the email address you last signed up with (because membership records are tied to your email address). We will need to update this manually in our database. If you use your new email address, you will be regarded as a new application.

Benefits of MPE membership

As homeschoolers, we love saving money! That’s why we make every possible effort to maximize the benefits of your membership – just $50 a year – so that it more than pays for itself.

When you become an MPE member, you’re joining more than 1,000 homeschool families. Membership benefits include:

  • Informational meetings, retreats and other events, often at discounted rates! For example, if you want to attend our annual Women’s Encouragement Day, you’ll save $ if you’re an MPE member.
  • List of cluster (support) groups.
  • Annual subscription to our newsletter, The Parent Educator, 10 times a year.
  • $15 discount on HSLDA membership (the discount code will be emailed to you when your membership is processed; if you need it before then, however, please contact our office).
  • Free admission to the annual MPE conference (a more than $50 value).
  • Discounted fees for annual standardized testing for grades K – 11 (save at least $5 when you register your first child).
  • High school graduation ceremony (must meet certain criteria. Please contact our office for more information).
  • Annual used curriculum sale – tables are available at discounted rates for members!

In summary, you could be saving at least $90 every year just by signing up!

Discounted membership rates are available for alumni homeschool families whose students have all graduated from high school. This membership will include the newsletter by email and admission to the conference. Please call the MPE office at 913-599-0311 or email for more information.