Yes, I want to volunteer with MPE.

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Volunteer with MPE

When you volunteer, you’re joining a special community!

Just a few highlights about our volunteers:

  • Close to 100 young adults, all being homeschooled or homeschool graduates, volunteer every year at our homeschool conference.
  • A dedicated team of 5-10 mentor moms stands ready to answer any questions from new or current homeschooling families.
  • Our board of directors consists of 11 families, who meet four times a year to plan MPE’s strategy and mission to serve Kansas City homeschoolers.
  • Longtime members of our conference committee have planned and managed homeschool conferences for more than 10 years! Many of their children have grown up serving at the conferences and are now taking over the different responsibilities, such as coordinating vendors, facilities and youth volunteers.
  • Event coordinators do a fantastic job putting together our women’s encouragement days, used curriculum sales, how-to-homeschool workshops and graduation ceremonies.