Is there any greater or more important priority in our lives than knowing God and drawing close to Him? How can we do that? God has provided his Word as the way that He reveals who He is and what His will for us is.

Bible quizzing is a competitive activity that helps provide incentive to memorize God’s word, and gives opportunity for fellowship when hanging around with a great group of friends. Quizzers will learn how to memorize and retain 1-3 Bible verses each day. With patience, persistence and practice, some quizzers are able to memorize entire chapters or books of the New Testament. Quizzers develop their reading skill and comprehension as they answer questions about the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of each verse, and they work on study and memorization skills. Quizzers learn teamwork, co-operation and sportsmanship as they compete in monthly quiz tournaments.

Most important of all, quizzers learn what God has said to us thru His word as they read, memorize and dwell on it.

You can meet us at the MPE Conference each year in April. We have Bible Quiz mini-camp during the summer. and a regular monthly quizzing season here in the KC area during the school year from August thru February. There are also opportunities to go to Regional and National Tournaments with hundreds of other Bible quizzers during the post-season. Varsity quizzing is for ages 11-19, and Junior quizzing is available for ages 8-11. Call today and find out how to get in on the upcoming season. Groups located throughout the metro area. Call, email or text for more info and we can direct you to the group best suited for your schedule and location.

Tim and Annette Meyers

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