2015 homeschool conference highlights

homeschool conference youth volunteers
Thanks to all our youth volunteers, who helped make our conference such a success!


Enjoy these conference highlights, gleaned from the evaluation forms of our 2015 homeschool conference and curriculum fair! Over 1,300 families attended this year (a 7% increase from last year!)

(More pictures are available in our Facebook photo album.)

Workshops and speakers

    • “I loved the Simply Charlotte Mason speaker [Sonya Shafer]. She was great, and refreshingly objective about various approaches.”

Sonya Shafer, homeschool conference

    • “I enjoyed listening to Norm Wakefield’s presentations.”

Norm Wakefield, homeschool conference

  • “[My favorite part was] the seminar speakers, by far! I love hearing from others who have been down this road. The encouragement I receive from them, the Bible studies they share empowering this journey, stay with me throughout the entire year.”
  • “[The most valuable thing I gained was] the info from HSLDA about struggling learners and info about homeschooling high school.”

Vendor hall

    • “[The most valuable thing for me was] the opportunity to see materials in person.”

homeschool conference curriculum

  • “Seeing and looking through curriculum was very helpful.”

Other conference highlights

    • “I left the conference feeling renewed in both my spiritual walk and in my ability to teach another year.”

homeschool conference workshops

    • “[I gained] confidence and encouragement that God can (and is) in my homeschool and it doesn’t have to be MY perfection or organization or intellect that makes it succeed.”

homeschool conference mentor moms

    • “Loved seeing all the youth entrepreneurs!”

homeschool youth entrepreneurs

  • “Y’all are doing an awesome job!”


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