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Our 2021 Homeschool Conference Feedback

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Enjoy some of the great homeschool conference feedback we’ve received so far, gleaned from evaluation forms submitted by our attendees. Thanks to all who attended, both online and in person!

Workshops and speakers

  • “Hal and Melanie Young and Natalina Ellerslie sessions were greatly helpful. The chairs were amazing!”
  • “Going to the workshops is always SO encouraging. After every conference I leave excited for next school year and loving my kids and our journey more since I have tools to understand them better and ideas on how to tweak things -curriculum, scheduling, etc”
  • “The workshops. Very encouraging, informative, and refreshing.”
  • “After this long COVID year it was great to catch up with homeschool friends.”
  • “Great lecture theatre chairs for the great speakers.”
  • “Love the classes and encouragment from them. Love the Kids conference as the kids love it too.”
  • “The workshops because their knowledge is priceless.”
  • “The writing workshops by Dan S and teaching boys workshop by Hal and Melanie were both awesome! Worth my time to go”
  • “I loved it all. Kristy Clover was great along with all the other presenters. My son loved the kids conference. Everything was so organized and well thought out. I felt like I was on vacation in those black leather recliners!”
  • “Variety of topics. Encouraging for new homeschoolers.”
  • “I love all of it! The workshops, the shopping, seeing other moms…besides Christmas, it’s the thing I look forward to the most each year! It’s such a rejuvenating time for me…I come away encouraged and refocused on why I’m homeschooling.”
  • “Workshops They are always varied in how and what they do. Some refresh. Some teach. Some remind. All encourage.”
  • “This year, my favorite part was the comfy recliners in the theaters! Lol Kidding!! My favorite part was the amazing sessions on Friday!!”
  • “Hal and Melanie Young; very good teaching, great resources on raising/schooling young men”
  • “The sessions, specifically on the laws and record keeping as I’m in my first year.”
  • “Hal & Melanie Young. Love the biblical teaching, right brain information, and guarding our teens eyes.”
  • “Hearing other parents with similar situations. It was very encouraging.”
  • “Variety of workshops and comfy theater seats! Also really like your $1 snack station!”
  • “Loved the location and the theatre seating! Speakers are always great!”

Vendor hall

  • “Shopping is always fun and I like getting my hands on the curriculum books to see, touch and look through them before I order anything.”
  • “It was a surprise to see the shop open with discounted school supplies. I enjoyed shopping there. Also I enjoyed the workshops and getting inspiration on things to incorporate, start or stop doing with homeschool.”
  • “My husband and I love hearing the speakers together, and planning ahead, being encouraged by godly men and women. We also love the shopping we can do while we’re there because seeing things in hand and in person is so much different than viewing online.”
  • “Shopped vendors only. I had planned to attend Hal & Melanie Young’s first session, but after listening to TWO Homeschool conferences online this week, I was overloaded with information. They have good info and I get their emails. Glad they could make it.”

Other conference feedback highlights

  • “I still hope to log in to view some sessions. I would definitely like it for the future for times when I can’t attend sessions because of my kids.”
  • “I plan on watching a few with my husband this week…really nice to be able to see some of the ones I missed in person since I was attending a different session, and to have my husband watch a few with me that I think he would enjoy.”
  • “We did watch some of the livestream, and very grateful for that option.”
  • “This was amazing and I would love to see this in future years. It is such a wonderful addition to the member portal.”
  • “I look forward to being able to go back and view the sessions that were streamed online.”

We have updated this blog post, originally published in 2016, for timeliness and detail.

Shanxi Omoniyi

Shanxi Omoniyi

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