Homeschool ID cards via HSLDA

HSLDA homeschool photo IDHomeschool ID cards can serve many useful purposes. Probably the one you’re most familiar with is the ability to get special teacher discounts at stores such as Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble, PBS, and many more.

These discounts come in especially handy when you’re purchasing school supplies, educational materials, arts and crafts, electronic items, and even clothing for your students!

Hotels, museums and other attractions can also give you teacher discounts with an ID. For instance, the Kansas City Zoo sometimes features homeschool classes (registration for spring 2018 classes have opened).

While you must be a Friend of the Zoo to join, you can also give evidence of your homeschool status by showing a photo ID card.

(For more information, check out Gift Card Granny’s list of 80 teacher discounts here.)

How can you get your homeschool ID card?

There are a number of options from making your own to purchasing one online.

We recommend HSLDA’s photo IDs, exclusively for its members.

Teacher IDs come personalized with your HSLDA membership number, while student IDs are available in basic and detailed templates.

Another benefit to HSLDA cards? They’re printed on sturdy plastic rather than paper, which rips more easily and is less durable.

To get your HSLDA photo ID card, simply go to their online store and order. (Don’t forget that as an MPE member, you’re entitled to $20 off the cost of your HSLDA membership!)

We originally published this blog post in December 2014. We have updated it for timeliness and detail.



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