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11 Ideas To Celebrate Homeschool Spirit Week

By September 18, 2023No Comments

Just like many area schools host spirit week activities, one homeschool mom suggested what we thought was a great idea: what about a “Homeschool Spirit Week”?

We looked it up, and there actually is an International Homeschool Spirit Week for the month of September – Sept. 25-29 for this year.

But seriously, folks – homeschoolers aren’t tied to just a week of school spirit. Technically, we could be celebrating year round! 🙂

If you want to celebrate Spirit Week as a homeschool, we have some inspiration from our local homeschool community:

Pajama Day.

Of course, this may be every day for some of us! Let your kids enjoy sporting their sleepwear throughout the afternoon and evening, or in contrast, try something super structured, such as…

Formal Wear Day.

If you have children who don’t mind dressing up, this could be a great occasion to wear those dresses or suits that otherwise get very little use. For mom’s sanity, maybe keep this one for before and after meals!

Beach Day.

We don’t often get to celebrate Beach Day in landlocked Kansas and Missouri. That’s why homeschool spirit week can be the perfect time to remind us what we’re missing!

Seashells and sand (or a sandbox) can help get your family in the mood. Hey, even a kiddie pool or bathtub may work.

Twins (or Triplets) Day.

This is exceptionally cute if your kids don’t look anything like each other! Consider matching themes, such as a “Thing 1 and Thing 2” outfit.

Another option could include complementary themes, such as one kid being “peanut butter” and the other kid being “jelly.”

homeschool spirit week

Superhero Day.

The kids can dress up as their favorite superheroes or even previously unknown superheroes (like “Endlessly Energetic Toddler”).

Mom should also take this chance to point out a few supernatural powers of her own, such as How to Disappear, Multitask, and Keep-Everything-And-Everyone-Together-For-More-Than-10-Minutes.

Crazy Hair Day.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a day where everyone’s hair looks like a mess … and you meant it to be that way?

Opposite Day.

Celebrate your homeschool spirit with a day of opposites – such as wearing swimsuits in cold weather (or winter coats on a sunny afternoon), having dessert before your main course, and reading a book backwards.

Animal Day.

Do your children have favorite animals they’d like to be for a day? Younger children can look at stuffed toys for some ideas.

Maybe older students could research the foods their animals eat, how long they tend to live, or their favorite habitat. (This is also a great way to sneak in some learning!)

Out-of-This-World Day.

Encourage any budding astronauts in your family with space-themed attire or other sci-fi outfits. Or maybe, if you enjoy the Lord of the Rings book series, try hobnobbing as hobbits, elves, wizards and other Middle-Earth denizens.

Cartoon Day.

Don’t think this is limited only to the youngest in the family! You might be surprised at how much the young at heart can enjoy pretending to be beloved cartoon characters.

Future Career Day.

Wannabe firefighters, doctors, police officers and other industrious dreamers can always begin by dressing the part.

Unfortunately, this may not work so well for less glamorous vocations (e.g. accountants and software engineers).

Be sure to ask your children for thoughts on their future career attire. They may have a lot of creative ideas!

Additionally, see other fun “back to homeschool traditions” that you can incorporate into your homeschool here.

If you like the idea of Homeschool Spirit Week, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, or email us: socialmedia [at] midwesthomeschoolers dot org.

We have updated this blog post, originally published October 2015, for timeliness and detail.

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