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Samaritan Ministries: A Biblical, Affordable Solution to Health Care

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When Justin and Cindy discovered that they were expecting their first child they did two things – shared the exciting news with their families and called Samaritan Ministries to start a hospital birth maternity need. Then a global pandemic hit.

They heard rumors, soon to be confirmed, that Justin would not be allowed in the delivery room. They wanted to experience the birth of their first child together and started exploring other options; some friends suggested they consider a home birth with a midwife and doula.

Once they wrapped their heads around the idea, Cindy called Samaritan Ministries. Fellow members had already started sending money for maternity bills they submitted, and they wondered if they would be able to switch from a hospital to a home birth. Justin remembers the peace they felt upon hearing “yes” they had the freedom to switch to a home birth, and he was at Cindy’s side when their daughter was born.

Afterwards, they were flooded with letters from Samaritan members which they said were especially meaningful and comforting at a time they felt really alone because of the pandemic.

Justin says that the peace of mind that comes with being a Samaritan member is priceless, and Cindy says, “I love Samaritan because you guys have merged community and health care freedom in a way that’s not only beautiful but functional. That’s a winner in my book.”

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You’re in control with Samaritan Ministries

Samaritan Ministries is Biblical, affordable health care sharing, where – just like Justin and Cindy – you’re in control of your family’s medical care, including:

  • Maternity care
    In 2022, Samaritan members shared more than $51 million in maternity needs – that’s a lot of babies! Shareable maternity needs include bills for prenatal care, including chiropractic and massage, delivery, and one postnatal care visit, and that’s whether you choose a hospital birth or a home birth with a doula and midwife.
  • Natural approach to health care
    Chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, naturopathic care, and supplements are a few examples of how you can take control of your health care and not bear the entire cost alone. Samaritan members also share expenses related to non-conventional treatments, and may even help with travel costs if treatment is outside your community.
  • Emergency care
    Consider this – a medical emergency arises. You choose any hospital you want and don’t have to worry about what’s in-network and what’s not when you get there. You just focus on your loved one.

How Samaritan Ministries works

  • You have a medical need. There are no networks. Choose the doctor, hospital, and treatment that’s right for your family.
  • Your need is shared. Medical bills are sent to Samaritan Ministries, and they notify fellow members to pray and send money directly to you for your shareable bills.
  • Your bills get paid. The money received is used to pay your medical bills and you enjoy encouraging messages from other members.


SamaritanTM Classic is the most popular sharing program for families just like yours. SamaritanTM Basic is a lower cost option designed for those who want a reduced monthly share amount. This easy-to-use cost calculator will help you find your monthly cost.

Isn’t it time for you to take control of your health care? Samaritan Ministries can help you do that!

Samaritan Ministries is a community of Christians paying one another’s medical bills, and is accredited by the Health Care Sharing Accreditation Board. The Guidelines for Health Care Sharing provides detailed information on membership requirements and how medical needs are shared.

(Editor’s note: Please look for Samaritan Ministries at our 2023 homeschool conference March 31-April 1 at the KCI Expo Center!)

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