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The Jump: Social Media Alternative

By February 3, 2021February 26th, 2021No Comments

Many homeschoolers love the ease in which social media helps us communicate with friends and keep in touch.

However, we know it has its downsides (don’t get us started on the challenges of excessive screen time).

Well, enter The Jump – a healthy social media alternative that focuses on keeping all the “meaningful relationships” without the clutter of ads, algorithms and other distractions!

Story behind The Jump

One of the founders behind The Jump, Peter McClung, is a homeschool dad and longtime MPE member.

Peter wanted an app to bring together people over common interests and pursuits.

At the same time, he wanted to avoid fostering the type of “outrage” that drives negative, but intense engagement. This boosts the bottom line of social media outlets that capitalize on that type of engagement.

“We’ve intentionally built a platform that helps support authentic, positive relationships,” The Jump’s website reads. “We want real people to congregate over real interests and groups they’re involved in, not get caught up in divisive politics and negative news.”

Another great benefit in using The Jump is its emphasis on privacy. Therefore, it will not sell or track any data from its users.

“No algorithms, no data mining, no making money off of your personal life,” its website reads. “We won’t sell your information, your location and your interests to advertisers on The Jump. Your privacy is paramount.”

The app especially highlights its Group features, as groups are a “digital living room” for members with the following:

  • Chats, questions and updates for every member to see at a glance
  • Files, photos, events
  • Sign-up lists, quick polls, task delegations and more
  • Personal and organizational profiles, with the ability to switch between both easily and keep your messaging consistent
  • Three levels of privacy – groups can be Public, Private or Hidden
  • Super-fun emojis and reactions that keep updating!

The Jump makes it easy for you to see the latest events, groups, chats and updates in a bite-sized format.

You don’t have to dig for information or scroll through random ads to get to the good stuff!

The KC homeschool community on The Jump

To start, definitely check out (cough cough) Midwest Parent Educators (MPE) on The Jump.

We have our own organizational profile right here. Additionally, we’re also a partner with them, so please use our link to join!

Once you set up your profile, it’s time to follow some Groups and find (or invite) your friends.

We also recommend that you follow our “Homeschool Support/Encouragement” group as a starting point.

See you on The Jump!

Shanxi Omoniyi

Shanxi Omoniyi (@ShanxiO on Twitter) is MPE's online content director. A homeschool alumna, Shanxi graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in journalism and English. Her company, Wordspire Media, helps businesses and nonprofits share their stories through content marketing, social media management, and email marketing.

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