homeschool graduation with MPE

The 2018 MPE Graduation Ceremony will be held Friday, May 11, 6:30 p.m. at the College Church of the Nazarene, 2020 E. Sheridan St., Olathe, KS 66062.

If you have a senior for the 2017 – 2018 year who would like to participate in the 2018 ceremony, the deadline to sign up is October 1, 2017. Please email Martha, the 2018 ceremony communications director, at mpegradcoordinatoratgmaildotcom. Please include names, emails, and phone numbers of both the graduate and a parent.

Join the 2018 Graduation Facebook event here.

MPE Board policy requires that all graduating families be MPE members for at least two consecutive years before the ceremony, so families who would like to participate in the 2018 ceremony need to have been members since September 1, 2016. If you do not meet this requirement but would still like to graduate with us, please read the MPE Graduation Requirements below.

The deadline for informing us that you would like to take part in the 2018 Graduation Ceremony is October 1, 2017. Graduation committees and planning meetings start September 2017.

After the October 1, 2017 deadline, any appeals will be responsible for fulfilling all the requirements and the graduation fee will doubled (for the 2017 ceremony, the fee doubled from $125.00 to $250.00).

No appeals are accepted after January 1, 2018.


One of the highlights of your homeschool experience will be to see your student accept their high school diploma after so many years of work, patience and growth in both character and education.

This is a wonderfully encouraging event for both veteran homeschoolers and those considering homeschooling as members of the next generation prepare for the next stage of their lives. Parents get to pronounce a special blessing over their children during the graduation ceremony.

Past graduation DVDs may be available for pick-up. As a reminder, each family has already paid for one DVD as part of the original $125 graduation fee, so there is no additional cost involved.

Here are some other key points:

  • The DVDs can be picked up in the MPE office, which is in the basement of Providence Community Church, the same church where we have all of our monthly meetings leading up to our graduation ceremony (10113 Lenexa Drive, Lenexa, KS).
  • The office is typically open 12 – 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays. However, we highly recommend that you call our office phone number, 913-599-0311, before you make the trip, to confirm that someone will be in the office.
  • We strongly encourage you to pick up your copy as soon as possible. Any DVD that is not picked up by the end of the year may be made available for purchase by others who have expressed an interest in having more than one copy.

The high school graduation requirements for Kansas:

KS Department of Education – KS Graduation Requirements

KS Board of Regents – Curriculum requirements for college preparatory high school graduation are undergoing change. You can click on the links on this webpage for the requirements currently.

The high school graduation requirements for Missouri:

MO Graduation Handbook

MPE Graduation Ceremony Purpose Statement

Graduation symbolizes a “trophy presentation” where the individual trophies are, in essence, the graduates themselves. It is to His glory that these “trophies” are laid at the feet of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Thus, this ceremony is to focus, not on the graduates or their families, but on bringing honor and glory to our Savior.

The ceremony is to be considered a praise service to God, designed as a public display of the gratitude of the graduates and their parents for being given the privilege of home schooling. It is also to demonstrate the thankfulness of the graduates for their parents, as well as other relatives and friends, who were used by God to shape the lives and character of those graduates for future service to the Master.

Special care is to be given in the design of the ceremony to avoid any self-centered and inappropriate focus upon any individual graduate or parent by way of disrespectful attire, comments, gestures, noises, or any other activity that distracts from the God-centered intent of this event.

Graduation Procedures and Guidelines for MPE High School Graduation

MPE’s Board of Directors will appoint the Board Graduation Committee to oversee the annual graduation of MPE seniors.

The Committee will be functionally responsible for facilities, appeals, liaison with the graduation ceremony treasurer, ceremony (screening of speeches and pictures, colors, music for processional/recessional, etc.), policy confirmation/documentation, program, budget and recruiting of the Graduation Coordinator.

A graduation committee of the students and their parents will be formed, and the parents are responsible for the final outcome of the decisions made.

Because the graduation is representative of the homeschool community, it is required that parents attend one designated meeting to discuss conduct and behavior of the students during the ceremony. All unresolved problems are to be presented to the MPE Board Graduation Committee.

MPE is a Christian organization, and all graduation ceremonies shall reflect those views as stated in the MPE by-laws. No other religious text will be read and no other gods prayed to during a MPE graduation ceremony.

MPE will sponsor as many graduations as the committee decides is necessary as long as there is a minimum of five graduates participating in each ceremony. MPE will assist in defraying the following costs of each graduation: facility, reception, and printed programs. The board will consider assisting with other costs that might present a hardship to the families of the graduates.

All ceremonies will be coordinated through the same committee.

Requirements to Graduate

The family of each student wishing to graduate must have been a member of MPE since Sept. 30 of the previous school year. This deadline shall be published in the MPE newsletter in June, August, September and October.

Seniors (or juniors considering early graduation) must declare their intentions to participate in a MPE graduation ceremony by Oct. 1.

A graduating senior (or a representative from his/her family) is expected to attend any and all meetings set by the committee unless excused by the committee chairman.

A portion of the fees required of each student might not be refundable. If a student decides not to graduate with MPE, fees will not be refunded if they have already been included in payments made for any portion of a ceremony.

If a student does not qualify initially to participate in a MPE graduation ceremony, appeals can be made in either written or verbal form to the MPE Board of Directors. The Board alone reserves the right to determine whether a student under special circumstances may or may not participate.

Dress Code

One of the stated purposes in the MPE Graduation Ceremony Purpose Statement is: “Special care is to be given in the design of the ceremony to avoid any self-centered and inappropriate focus upon any individual graduate or parent by way of disrespectful attire…”

In keeping with this policy, the MPE Board has established the following dress code guidelines for the rehearsal and ceremony.

  • Young Men Graduation Rehearsal. Business casual, i.e., Docker-type slacks, shirt with collar, shoes. No shorts, T-shirts, shirts with a logo on. No body piercing displays of any kind, including earrings. Hair neat and natural color (no purple, green, blue, etc.). No denim allowed.
  • Young Men Graduation Ceremony. The same guidelines as for the rehearsal except as follows: Dress pants, dress shirt with collar and tie, dress shoes.
  • Young Ladies Graduation Rehearsal and Ceremony. Dresses or skirts required at least knee-length or longer. No slits above the knee. No denim allowed. No strapless, spaghetti-strap, halter-top or see-through blouses or dresses. No cleavage or exposed midriff (including when arms are raised or bending over). No undergarments exposed. No body piercing displays other than pierced ears. Hair neat and natural color (no purple, green, blue, etc.).

If a prospective graduate does not wish to abide by the MPE Graduation Dress Code, they are welcome to not participate. The ceremony is a privilege, not a requirement or a right.