Featured speaker: Zan Tyler

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Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler’s homeschool journey began in 1984 when homeschooling was illegal and she was threatened with jail. For eight years, she and other families battled for homeschool freedom and established landmark homeschool legislation in South Carolina. In 1990, she founded the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) and served as its president for ten years. Zan loves to empower parents as they answer their God-given calling to homeschool. She is an inspirational speaker and author. For sixteen years, Zan worked with Christian publishers developing homeschool curriculum and resources. She is now a consultant with BJU Press Homeschool. 

Zan’s greatest privilege in life was homeschooling their three children through high school. Zan is the host of the Zan Tyler Podcast, sponsored by BJU Press Homeschool.

Interested in being a conference speaker?

Thanks for your interest in speaking at our April 5-6 Homeschool Conference!

MPE strives to offer workshops that meet multiple needs of our parent educators, and we categorize them into these 5 topic tracks. Here is what parents should expect from a workshop topic track: 

  • BIBLICAL FAMILY –  This track addresses a variety of biblical aspects of family, home, and school. Many of these workshops are presented by our featured speakers. 
  • HOW TO TEACH – Find direction for your family through workshops focusing on a variety of topics to help you teach and educate your children with precision and confidence. 
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL & BEYOND – When preschoolers and elementary kiddos shift into upper grades and careers, homeschooling looks different. Come learn how to continue reaping the blessings of home education as your students mature into upper grades and pursue God’s calling. 
  • COMPASS – Whether you’re homeschooling while single (or feel single because of your spouse’s vocation), wanting the nuts and bolts on fostering and/or adopting, or considering a writing career as a mom, this track gives direction in a variety of very specific areas. 
  • UNIQUE LEARNERS – Each year MPE’s special needs coordinator invites experts in this field to help us help our students learn. Whether your child struggles with dyslexia, autism, or the unique needs of gifted learners, you will be encouraged! 

Oct. 25 UPDATE

All our 2024 workshop sessions are full, but we still have options for Facebook Live sessions before the conference!

These sessions have been tremendously popular tools with vendors and speakers, as they provide a live conversation with our audience (8,000+ followers and counting) about their products, services, offerings, and special discounts to the homeschool community. 

We typically see anywhere between 300-1,000 views on the first day of the Live. Views continue to increase during the following days and weeks, as we let the videos remain organically on our Facebook page. Many still get views and engagement even years after the event, since anyone searching for specific keywords can find them on Facebook.

Each 30-minute session is $150 (nonrefundable to reserve your space).

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Updated 10/25/2023