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Workshop descriptions

  • KEYNOTE: The Four Homeschool Temperaments by Todd Wilson.
    “Frustrated by the fact that what works for your homeschooling friends doesn’t seem to work for you or what works for one of your children doesn’t work for all your children? For the first time ever discover “the FOUR homeschool Temperaments.” You’ll discover if you’re a Falcon, Owl, Swan, or Sand Piper and how to homeschool in light of those traits. You’ll laugh, nod your head in agreement and find yourself saying, “That finally makes sense.” During our time together, we’ll discuss tips for each temperament, how to teach your children who may NOT be your temperament, and what types of homeschool curriculum work best for your temperament. This is going to be fun as you discover your homeschool temperament!! “
  • Building Resilience in Your Kids by Durenda Wilson.
    “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties lends itself to overcoming the countless obstacles that life can bring. As adults, we have all experienced things we never thought we would face, and we know that our children will have their own share of difficulties. Though there is no way to know what those will be, we can prepare our children by helping them build resilience throughout their childhood.”
  • Where Do I Begin? A Workshop for New and Prospective Homeschoolers by Nancy Bjorkman.
    “Considering homeschooling? Not sure where to begin? This workshop will define realistic and foundational goals for homeschooling that will get new families off to a solid start. We’ll cover some common roadblocks and misconceptions about what school should look like, state law, and many practical tips for success. There will be a time for interaction and questions.”
  • How to Write a Hero’s Journey Story by Bryan Davis.
    “Want ideas on how to effectively teach writing skills? In this interactive writing lesson, you’ll learn how writers hook readers at the start of a hero’s journey story and keep them engaged. This is a great workshop to help aspiring writers–we’ll cover how to jump-start a story by avoiding the frustrations that accompany staring at a blank page.”
  • Discover, Learn, Flourish: 3 Steps to Unlocking Your Child’s Unique Approach to Learning & Doing by Charles Tietgen.
    “Do you know your child’s natural God-given talents? Take advantage of time with the E3 Academy certified Kolbe consultant! We will explore how measuring the Conative part of the mind helps you learn to identify and develop your child’s natural way of doing, also known as their mode of operation. After the session, you will walk away with an understanding of the four Conative Action Modes and how they can have a profound impact on one’s life. Each of the Kolbe Action Modes have distinct characteristics that we will discuss. We will also explore how the natural abilities can be applied to deciding on future career options.”
  • Training Character Into Your Children by Kathie Morrissey.
    “Character is the most important fruit parents can nurture in their children, and it is the foundation for academic learning. Discover how character is learned and how to establish a plan for teaching it to your children. Kathie will give several creative ways you can encourage your children to develop in this important area. After hearing this, you will be motivated and full of ideas to use with your own children.”
  • Math–Does It Matter How You Teach? by Kathleen Cotter Clayton.
    “Many people dislike math because of the way they were taught. The traditional approach of teaching mathematics does not work for most children. We now have new information on how to foster learning. Children must truly understand in order to remember, especially those with learning challenges. We know that a deep understanding of concepts removes anxiety, lessens the burden of memorizing, and makes math more enjoyable. In this workshop, you will explore some teaching strategies and techniques to help children learn, reduce math anxiety, and show them the beauty and joy in math. Come and discover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction games to help your child enjoy learning their math facts!”
  • How to Fill the Gaps in Everyday Life: Understanding and Equipping Students with Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities by Suzanne Wandling.
    “Attendees will walk through 3 dyslexia simulations to experience the challenges of a struggling learner. Then, with a better understanding of daily struggles (such as following simple directions, planning projects, or spending money wisely) participants will learn strategies to equip students for confident daily living.”
  • Transitioning from High School to Johnson County Community College by Emily Ziegler and Denise Filley.
    “In this workshop, we will discuss the steps to take to get started and enroll in credit classes at JCCC. We will share helpful information about course placement options, including free assessment testing for JCCC students. We will also explain Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) courses, which allow JCCC to waive tuition for high school students who meet our Kansas residency requirements and are enrolled in any tiered career technical class. This workshop will be led by two JCCC Counselors, Emily Ziegler and Denise Filley, who both work specifically with homeschool students.”
  • Important Lessons to Teach Your Children: How to Argue by Todd Wilson.
    “Everyone argues. That’s the truth. I’m not talking about the righteous anger; I’m talking about the good ol’ sinful kind. Some yell, some become silent, and all of us teach our children by our example. But here’s the deal: there are some principles that can make those sinful arguments less damaging and more productive. So since you’re going to argue, we might as well do it right. Join me for a fun-filled, honest look at the ugly things we do and say and for some practical rules for arguing “better.” “
  • How to Protect Your Family During a Social Services Investigation by Scott Woodruff.
    “When a social worker knocks on your door and announces you are being investigated for abuse or neglect, what should you do? Scott Woodruff will provide a short explanation of the 4th Amendment and then offer valuable tips and strategies he has developed while helping families for over 20 years.
  • Giving Hope Through the Arts: The Promise on Display by Evi Wheeler.
    “When the darkness increases, the believer and God-truster should not despair because we have the Word of Life to share. May we be found faithful in honoring this opportunity. At Greenleaf, we seek to provide an equipping and encouraging place through dance, theatre and music where students can give this message of life to one another and others again and again. Please join us in this workshop as current and former Greenleaf homeschooled students share stories of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives through their involvement with the arts.”
  • Visual Art in Homeschool by Sarah Michalak.
    “Have a creative genius at home and not sure what the next step in their creative journey should look like? Want ideas for igniting the budding artist at home? This workshop is for you! Come get ideas, inspiration, and practical tips for art with littles, in the formative middle school years, for high school credit, and beyond!”
  • Staying on Track: How To Get it All Done by Kathie Morrissey.
    “Do you often feel like you end up getting off track by the end of the day? Are you just struggling to get it “all done” every day, get your kids back in line, and your homeschooling rolling smoothly? How do you sort through the distractions, get back on track, and stay there? As homeschooling moms, it is always a challenge to balance our many roles and accomplish what we need to without being distracted. Kathie will share practical ideas on staying focused and being a wise manager of your time, so you can get those important things done!”
  • Cultivating Compassion for Kids by Allie Slocum.
    “Fights happen. We want our kids to love & respect each other and maybe even be “besties” for life, but it doesn’t just happen by itself. Learn from Clara Barton’s life story and Jeanie Blair, a fictional character on a journey toward compassion. Come receive some practical (and fun) tips and advice on how to cultivate compassion in your family.”
  • Identifying and Assisting Students with Learning Disabilities by Dr. Tish Taylor.
    “This workshop will address specific signs and patterns of learning disabilities in the areas executive functioning, reading, math, and written expression. Come learn how to recognize learning challenges and get resources to access further assistance or diagnosis. Dr. Taylor will also give specific strategies you can use with struggling learners in areas of executive functioning, reading, math, and written expression.”
  • College Prep 101: How to Take Notes and Tests by Mark Pruitt.
    “Note-taking is the backbone of a student’s success in school or any learning environment. According to professors, students don’t take notes, and it’s most likely because they do not know how. Learning takes effort, and if students do not put forth the effort they will not be successful. Mark Pruitt will teach you how to take great notes to be a Student of Excellence and will also help you get the most points possible during tests.”
  • What to Do When Your Plan Doesn’t Go According to Plan by Todd Wilson.
    “We like things nice and neat, orderly, and with a predictable outcome, but most of the time OUR plans don’t “come together” as we hoped. Instead, our plans often fall apart, disintegrate right before our eyes, and leave us dumbfounded and stunned. I’ve talked to plenty of homeschooling parents who were sold a plan. They followed the plan and then later stood before me with tears in their eyes because the plan didn’t come together. “We did everything THEY said to do,” they say. “We didn’t have TV, we homeschooled, we ate organic, we only wore dresses, we sheltered and protected, we practiced courtship, they played the violin, we emphasized the classics, we never missed family devotions, we emphasized purity, we birthed our children at home, we had a home business, and on and on the list goes. They feel betrayed, angry, and lost, and their children are starting “tell-all” websites!!! I have to admit that several years ago when I heard their sob stories I inwardly wondered what they had done wrong. I believed that they must have gotten the WRONG plan, or didn’t carry the plan out according to the instructions. And while some of that may be true, I know NOW that sometimes our plans don’t come together because God has a DIFFERENT PLAN. Join me as we take an honest and humorous look at plans, why they fall apart and what to do when they have.”
  • The Real World: Are They Ready? by Dara Halydier.
    “Will homeschooling really prepare your children for life academically, socially, and spiritually? Will they be able to go to college and be competitive in the job market? Will they be able to stand against the world’s culture and be able to stand for Christ? Dara will talk about making life management skills a part of your home life and how to incorporate it into high school credits. She will bring wisdom from Proverbs and show you how to teach your kids to apply it to their lives as she shares with you the journey of her own 5 boys and their successes and failures in the real world.”
  • A Mom’s Guide to Protecting Yourself, Your Children, and Your Co-op by Andrew and April Nourse.
    “Protecting her kids is at the front of every mom’s mind throughout the day. This course provides tools to help avoid and navigate potentially unsafe situations. We will discuss the importance of having a personal safety plan, how to maintain situational awareness, ways to avoid conflict, and what to do in an emergency. You will leave with practical tips and techniques to apply at home and everywhere you go.”
  • Lessons from An Art Class Dropout by Beth Newman.
    “After a childhood that embraced creativity, a single art professor convinced me with one sentence that I was not an artist, simply by telling me so. As a “Type A” overachiever, I spent many years thinking my gifts were limited to my high-efficiency left brain blessings and achievements. I now know that creativity and art are not only an important part of child development, but a critical component to everyday happiness as an adult. I AM an artist, and in this workshop I will introduce you to five key ways to light the artistic fire in your children and keep it burning, helping them to unleash the power of art in their lives, no matter their educational or career paths or ambitions. I will also talk about how the Chicken Coop Club Art membership is uniquely well-suited to homeschool programs and families.”
  • Chores: Why They are Essential in Homeschooling by Durenda Wilson.
    “Most of us agree that chores are important, but often moms and kids are frustrated, angry, and resentful when it comes to how and when to implement them. Having 8 kids in 13 years has the potential to bring a mom to her knees and her home into disarray, but God taught our family SO much through working together. The benefits of having our kids do chores are countless! Investing in this area not only lightens our loads as moms but is an essential part of our kids’ education!”
  • How Do I Teach Sex Ed In My Homeschool? by Shanxi Omoniyi.
    ” “I can’t wait to tell my children all about the birds and bees!” said no parent ever. Why can it be so hard to have “the talk” with our children, especially if we spend every day with them homeschooling? Drawing from her own experience, MPE alumna Shanxi Omoniyi explores how her parents taught sex education in their homeschool with wisdom, grace and humility (along with a hefty dose of humor!). She also explores age-appropriate guidelines, starting from birth and going all the way into young adulthood. NOTE: This workshop is intended for adults only.”
  • Solutions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders by Dr. Alexander Nelson.
    “Dr. Alex will discuss in this workshop what neurodevelopment is and the step by step progression of what it entails, what each hemisphere of the brain does, and how to determine what hemisphere is weak on your child. In this session you will also learn easy things to add in to your curriculum to work on your child’s weaknesses. He will also discuss nutrition and other lifestyle factors that can relate to your child’s learning.”
  • Career Exploration for Students: A Parent’s Roadmap by Dr. Kerin Groves.
    “Will your kids be prepared for life after graduation? As a parent educator, you are their career guidance navigator. Students of all ages, including littles and middles, can engage in proactive (and fun!) career exploration that begins early and is seamlessly embedded in any academic curriculum. In this presentation, career coach Dr. Kerin Groves discusses common but avoidable mistakes in future planning, and provides attendees with positive and practical tips, dos and don’ts, savvy strategies, and relevant resources. Parent educators will learn to identify and build on a student’s natural gifts, think beyond high school, and intentionally weave career guidance into K-12 education and everyday home life.”
  • Sustainable Homeschooling by Durenda Wilson.
    “We all begin our homeschool journey with high hopes, but it often doesn’t take long before we realize that some things simply are not working. We find ourselves and/or our kids in burnout mode. At the same time, we are confronted with the fear that we may somehow fail our children if we let go of something. Learn the importance of creating a sustainable homeschooling life unique to your family, bring joy back into your homeschool days, and help equip you to go the distance!”
  • Missouri Homeschooling 101 by Kim Quon.
    “Thinking about or new to homeschooling in Missouri? Need a refresher on Missouri record keeping? Come learn about the Missouri laws relating to homeschooling such as compulsory attendance, record keeping requirements, withdrawing your child from public school, and more. We will discuss helpful suggestions for keeping your mandated records, including lesson plans, journals, evaluations, portfolios, and logging hours. This will be an informative and encouraging session for new and seasoned homeschoolers. Be informed and confident in your homeschooling adventure!”
  • Preparing Homeschooled Students for Higher Education by Reece Tabor.
    “Navigating the transition from homeschooling to college can be difficult for many families. Most public schools have counselors who help with the countless obvious or obscure details related to attending a college or university. Many homeschool families are anxious or nervous about the college process. The good news is that as a whole, homeschooled students statically are more prepared for college than any other form of education. The aim of this presentation is to provide information and a few tips and tricks across Academics, Financial Aid, and Extra-Curricular activities for navigating the transition from homeschooling to higher education.”
  • Five Important Art Techniques You Can Teach Right Now by Amanda Evanston.
    “Art is so much more than making things pretty – it’s a way of understanding the world and how we can contribute to it! We’ll cover:
    *How a regular art practice directly leads to happier kids (and adults!).
    *How to infuse weight and meaningfulness to art making at any age.
    *How to smother the one habit that destroys any chance for long-term creativity.
    *How to use art to facilitate abstract thinking.
    *How to discuss (or not discuss) other people’s artwork.
  • Dads: Play Your Part in Homeschooling by Directing Bible Study by Benjamin Myers.
    “Many mothers are often left carrying the burden of homeschooling their children in academics and spiritual formation. Dads can relieve the load and co-teach by picking up the regular Bible Study that points all academics back to God. Hear how God has cast you for this part in His Script (the Bible). Learn about an exciting tool called ActorsBible that helps dads direct and disciple their families through role-play. With this tool, dads will be equipping their children with a strong foundation in the Bible, Godly character, public speaking, reading, vocabulary, Biblical geography, and archeology.”
  • Navigating the Seasons of Motherhood in a Lifegiving Home by Natalie Haber.
    “Motherhood is a journey of seasons. Whether you have babies at home, elementary and teens, launching a child into adulthood, or all of the above, this workshop is for you! Join Natalie as she shares Biblical encouragement, practical advice, and some humor about the many seasons of motherhood.”
  • Struggling Learners Panel. Gather with other parents of struggling learners for fellowship and to discuss stories, ideas, blessings and struggles. Bring your questions for our panel to address and/ or your own resources to share.
  • Nutrition 101: Healthy Brain in a Toxic World by Sera Johnson.
    “Learn how to train up a healthy generation in a world full of convenience food and harmful toxins using award-winning nutrition and health curriculum health or science credit. Discover God’s good food and nutrients that support a healthy brain and the body’s ability to eliminate harmful toxins. Plus, find out how aromatherapy supports optimal brain health, sensory integration and learning potential.”
  • An Unbeatable Homeschool Team by Todd Wilson.
    “Marriage is hard; in fact, it’s real hard! Yet when it is right and good, it can withstand anything. It doesn’t matter what the economy does, the status of your bank account, the condition of your home or vehicles, or what your children dish out because when a husband and wife are right, they’re unbeatable. On the flip side, when a husband and wife feel distant or apathetic, it only takes the slightest breeze to ruffle a bunch of feathers. The truth is a mediocre marriage sucks the joy right out of life and your homeschool. The economy can swing up, your checking account can be healthy, your home and vehicles can purr like kittens, and the kids can behave like angels, and life still stinks. That’s because marriage matters. Join Todd Wilson, The Familyman, for a time of laughter and encouragement as he shares real life stories, problems, and frustrations along with practical, simple solutions to having a marriage that can’t be beat!”
  • Missouri Homeschooling 101 by Kim Quon.
    “Thinking about or new to homeschooling in Missouri? Need a refresher on Missouri record keeping? Come learn about the Missouri laws relating to homeschooling such as compulsory attendance, record keeping requirements, withdrawing your child from public school, and more. We will discuss helpful suggestions for keeping your mandated records, including lesson plans, journals, evaluations, portfolios, and logging hours. This will be an informative and encouraging session for new and seasoned homeschoolers. Be informed and confident in your homeschooling adventure!”
  • Meet Homeschool Grads Panel.
    “Wondering what all your efforts homeschooling can lead to? Want to see what a homeschool graduate looks like up close & personal? Meet them here today on our graduate panel! Panelists will share how homeschooling affected their life path after graduation, with an eye for encouraging parents – your work at home education IS worth it!”
  • Say Yes to the Mess by Amanda Evanston.
    “We’ve all seen the internet bulletin board “art studios” containing white furniture with perfectly organized sparkling new supplies arranged by color, and dedicated “school room” setups pulled straight out of a magazine. But in our homes and classrooms we are seldom blessed with these purpose-built solutions and are frequently creating at our kitchen or dining room tables, or in the corner of another shared space. Stressing over the mess can hinder creativity and artistic exploration. But how do we curb the mess, and retain our sanity, without stifling the magic and freedom? In this workshop Amanda will introduce you to her top strategies for embracing a “good mess” in order to achieve and embrace maximum creativity in a home-art environment without losing your mind or becoming buried in art supplies.”
  • Dealing With a Difficult Child by Kathie Morrissey.
    “Do you struggle with a child that is difficult or challenging? One that causes you exasperation and takes more time and energy than all your other children put together? How do you respond to the resentment and anger he stirs up in you? How do you respond to him? There IS hope and help!! Get answers to these questions that will encourage you and help you deal wisely and lovingly with that child.”
  • Building Your Homeschool Community by Annette Vaughn.
    “Learn the value of “not schooling alone” and how to intentionally and strategically make connections with other homeschooling moms/families/kids in your area.”
  • Teaching Your Struggling Reader with Confidence by Suzanne Wandling.
    “Is your child off the reading path you had charted for him/her? When children struggle to develop reading skills, it can create a sense of concern and frustration. Learn the core areas of reading and how to identify gaps so you can strengthen your child’s reading. Strategies and resources will be shared to help parents get back on the path to success in reading.”
  • Fantasy and the Reader’s Heart by Bryan Davis.
    “Come hear how fantasy can inspire readers in their spiritual lives and how to discern good, moral fantasy from destructive fantasy. The workshop also provides an extensive list of Christian world view fantasy authors to choose, online resources for parent, and guides to popular books. This is a helpful talk for parents, teachers, and other adults who guide children in their literary pursuits.”
  • Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World by Todd Wilson.
    “Let’s face it! Most men today are yellow-bellied, lily-livered weenies. They may wear tall Stetsons, drive fast cars, bungee jump from bridges, collect souped-up power tools, and carry big black Bibles, but they’re weenies. They flex their biceps and proclaim their faith, but when the economy collapses, the newest pandemic hits the scene, a family crisis arises, or the going gets tough, they play it safe. Truth is: God wants your sons to leave the heavily-populated, safe waters and live dangerously. He wants your sons to trust dangerously, work dangerously, and love dangerously. But, that doesn’t come naturally. Everyone around them, from the talking heads in the media to pastors in the pulpit, keep repeating, “Play it safe.” Here’s a secret: dangerous living leads to joy, family happiness, and real success while safe living results in worry, family failure, and heartache. So join Todd as he encourages you and your sons to GET DANGEROUS.”
  • Time and Home Management: Managing Life and Home While Homeschooling by Nancy Bjorkman.
    “Time must be budgeted just like money. We must determine the difference between the fixed, what we “must do,” and the discretionary, “what we would like to do,” and set our priorities. This workshop will be filled with practical tips and encouragement for everyday living as a homeschool family. Areas covered include understanding your calling, relationships, schooling, meals, household clutter and cleaning, and general household management. Attendees will leave with practical and applicable tips.”
  • Q&A With Homeschool Families Parent Panel.
    “Come hear from the REAL DEAL – local parents who have taught their kids at home, graduated some or all of them, been at it for 10+ years, and not just SURVIVED but THRIVED! Ever wonder how others did it simultaneously with teens AND toddlers? While facing a critical family illness? Earning college credit while finishing high school? Bring your questions! Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired by these veteran homeschool parents as you start (or continue) the worthy journey of homeschooling the family God gave you.”
  • Cultivating Community in Your Homeschool by Rawné Pierce.
    “Are you heading into homeschooling but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve been homeschooling for a few years, but you are growing stagnant with the same old topics. Classical Conversations celebrates learning with the 5 common topics and 5 NAMES that help you approach any subject!”
  • Nurturing Sibling Relationships by Durenda Wilson.
    “This is THE most popular topic I speak on! Most of us didn’t factor into the equation just how much sibling conflict would be part of our homeschooling days! It can be exhausting! As homeschooling parents, we have a unique opportunity to nurture sibling relationships among our children. Find out practical ways to do this and what an IMPORTANT part of our homeschooling it really is!”
  • Dads Directing Interactive Family Devotions by Benjamin Myers.
    “Ben and Felicita Myers will share their personal story of how they ran a theatre ministry in Philadelphia. How they really struggled when they saw many of the children they had worked with not following the Lord after leaving the program. As they began to have children themselves, the Lord spoke to them about the importance of family discipleship with dad playing his role in spiritually directing his family toward God and His Word with regular family devotions. Not knowing how, Ben tried the traditional way and failed. He asked for help and God showed him to cast parts and role-play their way through the Bible. The character of God truly invaded every story and transformed their hearts. Learn how you too can incorporate role-play into your family devotions. Also, hear about ActorsBible, an app they have made to help dads direct and disciple their families through role-play with just 15 minutes a day.”
  • Boost Executive Function Skills in Your Child (Skills for EVERY learner!) by Suzanne Wandling.
    “Do you feel wiped out at the end of the school day? Wondering how to stop “over helping” and begin equipping your child to develop initiative and independence? You can do it! Learn key principles to create a foundation of independence then build on them using a coach approach. Attendees will leave with practical tools and ideas to equip children to grow in independence and stop the pattern “over helping.” “
  • Set-Apart: Parenting & Educating Children to Choose Christ over Culture by Terri Hitt.
    “Parents plan for sports, education, entertainment, finances, and more. But what is most important? Listen as Terri shares the hindsight of raising sets of children over two generations. She offers a rare look at how Christ changes a mother committed to Him. Terri shares how, while parents cannot guarantee that their children accept Jesus as Savior, they can purposefully encourage their kids to know their identity in Christ, and to love, honor, and obey Jesus as they are maturing so that they may fulfill the unique purpose for which He created them.”
  • The Sky’s the Limit: Homeschooling High School by Durenda Wilson.
    “These final years seem full of pressure and can feel intimidating. Every parent wonders if their kids will be prepared for college, if they missed something, or if their child will measure up. In this workshop, parents are encouraged to take a step back and think about what education should really look like at this age. Durenda is in her 15th year of homeschooling high schoolers and will share how she turned her children’s’ interests and experiences into high school credits and how combining subjects can help keep your high schooler motivated. She will also share the importance of parents moving away from a dominating role and more toward the role of a coach during this season.”
  • MO & KS Homeschool Law by Scott Woodruff.
    “Get the lowdown on what you need to do as a parent to fully comply with the law of Kansas and Missouri, straight from seasoned homeschool attorney Scott Woodruff of Homeschool Legal Defense Association.”
  • [Panel] Meet MPE: Who We Are, Our Goal to Bless, and YOU!
    “Ever wondered what MPE is all about? Why we do what we do? What else MPE offers that you’re missing? Join us for a light-hearted “Meet & Greet” opportunity to see MPE board members up close. Board members will share their top 10 favorite MPE Benefits and stories about God’s hand in this ministry. You’ll leave with a vision for how to make the most of your MPE membership and keep the legacy going for the next generation of homeschooling parents.”
  • Fathers: Change Your Family by Cherishing Your Wife and Children by Bill Ward.
    “Tenderness and compassion may not be in the top 10 attributes of manliness today, but loving and leading with these characteristics is how our Father God relates to His children. It is also the example given to us men by the Lord Jesus in His ongoing love relationship with His bride, the Church. Cherishing is not a skill most of us are naturally good at. But the power to either comfort and build up, or discourage and tear down are in our control as fathers. If we desire to follow Jesus Christ’s example, then, we will want to learn from Him how to show empathy, slow down, take time to listen and care for, and truly cherish our wives and children. And this kind of leadership can change the spiritual dynamic in our homes and impact our communities and the world for God’s kingdom.”
  • No More Tears! (Make Learning Fun Again) by Steve Lambert.
    “Discover the secret to natural, organic, relaxed, successful homeschooling. Learn to get off the “carrot and stick” treadmill and learn to partner WITH your child instead of fighting AGAINST your child. You didn’t sign up for a war. You signed up to be a family and nurture authentic, loving relationships. No more tears.”
  • Dealing With Doubt: Strengthening Your Child’s Faith by Chuck Black.
    “At fourteen years old Chuck faced an episode of spiritual doubt that lasted for fourteen years. Because of it he could not claim God’s Word as infallible nor witness boldly to anyone seeking answers about Jesus Christ. God preserved Chuck’s faith through it all, but much was lost to those years lived in flimsy faith. It doesn’t have to be so for your child. As parents we have an obligation to equip, prepare, and launch our children into the world fully capable of standing against the spiritual attacks and waves of doubt that they will often face. Discover how to discern if doubt is something your child is dealing with and learn a few basic principles on how to help them overcome and live a faith-filled life, even as a youth.”
  • Building Resilience Within Students: Thrive With a Learning Disability by Warren Wandling.
    “Building Resilience within Students is designed to equip students with dyslexia and learning disabilities to develop resilience. This impactful session will provide practical skills to help your student become confident, eliminate self-doubt, and develop a resilient mindset. This is a research-based session, combined with over 20 years of experience working with others with a learning disability or dyslexia. Join Warren to discover how to cultivate a resilient mindset in your child, hear 3 proven strategies to eliminate self-doubt, overcome obstacles and challenging experiences, and get practical steps to help your students become confident students.”
  • Speech & Debate: K-12 Just the Pizzazz You Might Be Looking For by Janine Wilkins.
    “Speech and Debate is one of the most effective ways to put all education in context. It takes knowledge beyond the books and brings it out in the real world. This workshop will be full of stories of how introverts, extraverts, neuro-divergent, shy, high energy, and bored homeschoolers can benefit from the wide world of speech and debate. You’ll get an overview of all the types of speeches, individual, and team debate. Did you know you could be the star of your own show? (interpretive events) The parent is in the driver’s seat–learn the tools to add just a bit of forensics to your day or get involved in a national competitive sport! This is delight directed learning on steroids.”
  • Taming the Techno-Beast—Parenting in the INTERNET age by Todd Wilson.
    “X-Boxes, Game-Cubes, the INTERNET, Facebook, and iPhones have changed the way we live, have fun, and interact. Children quietly glued to game monitors for hours have replaced laughter and creativity. They beg to play, whine when they can’t, and even lie about the time they’ve spent on the gadget. Teens and pre-teens spend most of their waking hours texting, chatting on Facebook, or tweeting. Today’s latest-breaking technology becomes tomorrow’s obsession, demanding more time, attention, and sacrifices. Technology has become a powerful tool and “everyone is doing it,” but maybe you feel like you’ve lost control in your own home. Does the chill down your spine tell you that something is terribly wrong? Do you feel like a beast has invaded your home, but you don’t know how to handle it? If so, then join me as we talk together about the timely topic of taming the TECHNO-BEAST!”
  • They Have Emotions! Now What Do I Do? by Dara Halydier.
    “Emotions! They can be our downfall, our nemesis, or our friend. We were made in the image of God, and that includes our emotions. Dara will present Biblical instruction on the proper placing of our emotions and God’s truths. She will give practical examples of learning to deal with emotions and helpful insights to teaching your kids about their emotions. Depression, anger, grief, and others will be discussed.”
  • Building Character Through Athletics Panel.
    “Are your middle school and high school students looking for a challenge mentally, physically and spiritually? Do you want to encourage the character traits of respect, teamwork, leadership and determination? Do you want to find out what the costs and commitments are for homeschool athletics? This panel of coaches, parents and current/former students is moderated by one of our KC East Lions board members. Come and find out our philosophy for building character, through athletics, that will be carried throughout the school years and beyond. With over a dozen sports offered, discover the opportunities that await your students on and off the field.”
  • Authentic Joy In the Journey by Christina Carpenter.
    “Come prepared to discover and develop your vision and mission for your home school. This workshop will focus on implementing and applying your eternal objectives, style, and approach into your daily home school rhythm in a simplified approach that will cultivate joy on your journey.”
  • Preparing Your Mom Heart for the Post-Homeschool Years by Durenda Wilson.
    “The homeschooling journey becomes such a big part of our lives as moms. Sometimes it seems as though we will never see the finish line, but talk to any homeschool mom with grown kids, and she will tell you: “The days are long, but the years are short.” What feels like a lifelong commitment soon becomes a distant memory, and when you’ve given your all to this worthy task of homeschooling, the next season can bring a conflict of emotions. Durenda has graduated 7 (so far) whom she has homeschooled from the beginning, and in this session, she shares some key thoughts to consider as you near the finish line.”
  • When They Say Homeschoolers Abuse Their Kids: The Powerful Answers You Can Give by Scott Woodruff.
    “The media profoundly influence how Americans talk about issues. When a family who homeschools their children is accused of child abuse or neglect, the media spin it as a problem with homeschooling. Is it really? How can you make a powerful contribution to the conversations you have with friends, neighbors and co-workers when the headlines paint homeschool families in an unfavorable light?”
  • Handwriting Helper: A Five-Step Program to Review and Refine Handwriting Skills by Dawn Miller.
    “Want a fun way to help your students write their letters correctly every time? In this session, Dawn will lead parents in a quick 5-step review of the lower case alphabet, focusing on refinement of writing form, neatness, spacing, and reversals using creative pictures and grouping of similarities in letters. The information in this workshop can be utilized with any lower case handwriting program that your child has already completed. A short question and answer session will follow presentation.”
  • Board Games in Your Family: More Than Just Fun by Kelley Ireland & Marlin Burt.
    “Turn taking. Strategy. Critical thinking skills. Cooperation. Patience. Tidiness. Learning to accept defeat graciously. Fun memories & epic family stories. These are all fruits of regular family board game times. Join veteran “Gaming Dads” Kelley Ireland (dad of 6) and Marlin Burt (dad of 7) as they share how they include gaming in their families’ homeschool programs, lessons they’ve learned, and how it has enriched their lives. See which games work for which ages and purposes. Gaming with wives may also be discussed, time permitting. Followed by Q&A.”

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