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Updated 4/17/20

MPE has opportunities for workshop speakers at the upcoming Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair.

These speakers are invited by the MPE Conference Committee to share practical information on a variety of subjects relevant to homeschooling families.

To apply as a potential MPE conference workshop speaker, please submit the following information:

  • biographical sketch with a picture
  • your website address, if applicable
  • a list of references or conferences where you have spoken in the past
  • an overview of the workshop topics which you present

Please note that submitted materials cannot be returned. Please send your correspondence to:

Genevieve Burt

Conference Workshop Coordinator


PO Box 14391

Lenexa, KS 66285

Or email to

You will be contacted by the Workshop Coordinator if it is determined that your workshop presentation(s) would be applicable to the overall need and theme of each annual conference. The MPE Conference Committee makes the final decision as to which speakers are invited to speak at the Conference and reserves the right to accept or reject any speaker, without explanation.