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Shanxi Omoniyi: MPE online content director

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Shanxi Omoniyi is MPE’s online content director — overseeing the website and other online accounts, social media, and email marketing. She also works with different MPE committees, such as the conference and Women’s Encouragement Day committees.

Why did you first get involved with working for MPE?

I started officially “working” in August 2014, with the launch of MPE’s redesigned website. Before that, I managed MPE’s social media on a volunteer basis.

However, as a homeschooled alumna, I started serving with MPE in my last two high school years as one of the MPE webmasters. That was way back when we managed the website through Microsoft FrontPage!

My number one reason for serving is seeing the direct influence and support provided to homeschoolers.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I most enjoy the responses and testimonials from other homeschoolers about how much MPE means to them. Homeschooling is one of the toughest, but also most rewarding, activities one can ever undertake! Anything that provides assistance and encouragement to fellow homeschoolers will always get my support. 🙂

Any surprises/challenges about your MPE role?

One of the biggest surprises I had working here was walking into the MPE office for the first time.

I had been to MPE conferences before, and was expecting this big sort of office to go with the huge conferences I had seen. Instead, it was just a tiny room filled with books and audiotapes!

That’s one of the many examples of homeschoolers at MPE accomplishing incredible things with very few of the usual “needed” resources.

homeschool profile

I know nonprofits have a reputation for that, but even after working with other nonprofits, I’m amazed at the amount and quality of work that homeschoolers can accomplish, just with the dedication and time of a few people.

Then again, homeschoolers have a reputation for excelling (and obviously I’m biased), so maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised! 🙂

Why is homeschooling important to you?

It’s important to me because it gives each family the freedom to educate their children in the best way possible … for THAT unique family.

One of my favorite sayings is to “Remember you’re unique – just like everyone else!” Of course, the educational journeys of each child and family will be different, but the more options they have, the better for everyone.

How would you encourage MPE families in their homeschool journeys?

Homeschooling is like parenting – everyone has an opinion on it, particularly those who have never done it!

I know people can feel overwhelmed with so much advice and suggestions out there. As a homeschool alumna, I can say from personal experience that homeschooling is one of the best gifts my parents ever gave me.

Your children may not always realize it while it’s happening, but they almost always appreciate the sacrifices and commitment you’re making once they’re old enough. I know I certainly do, and my respect and gratitude for my mom and dad keep growing every year.

Your children may not get a perfect grade on every subject, but they have every opportunity to learn the important things: a love for God and family, a joy for learning, and a road map to successful life after high school.

That’s better than any grade-point average a school could ever give. 🙂

Thanks so much, Shanxi Omoniyi!

MPE thrives through the sacrificial service of our volunteers and staff. And we’d love to have you join the team! Email us at for more information.

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