Recommendations for MPEJust a few of the many recommendations for Midwest Parent Educators, our annual conference, and our overall support for homeschoolers:

  • “This will be my third year coming to the conference. Every year I have taken it as a training and refreshing time. I really enjoy all the speakers and topics that they have. Sometimes I can’t even decide which ones! I also really enjoy the curriculum room. I can browse books I was thinking about using and ask question. It’s so helpful. I leave encouraged and ready to get set for the next year!” Krystal E., 2016
  • “When we were trying to make the decision whether or not to homeschool, we felt like the “getting started in homeschooling” sessions really helped us answer some of our concerns.” Rachel B., 2016
  • “I love feeling so refreshed after the conference. The new ideas, advice and encouragement I receive get me through the next year.” Jennifer M., 2016
  • “The best part of the conference for me is the curriculum fair. Being able to look at curriculum and actually be able to look through the books is a wonderful help!” Andrea M., 2016
  • “Of course I love the vendor and curriculum fair – I love having so much all in one place. But the conference is so very encouraging and supportive. After attending, I feel pumped up and ready for the next year again. Like saying, “Yeah, I CAN do this! Someone else understands me!”” Melanie H., 2016
  • “I have not started homeschooling yet but the conference has allowed me to better get prepared for when I am able to start. I loved being able to sit in on sessions about the laws in Missouri but also sessions that were just fun like the hobby farm session last year. I look forward to looking more into curriculum this year.” Heather P., 2016
  • “I love the encouragement in each session at the conference. You never know which one is going to speak the most to you — it may not be what you expect! Last year a session on manners moved me to tears and was an answer to prayer about how to get through to my strong-willed child.” Stephanie S., 2016
  • “Our family is encouraged each year that we come to the MPE conference. It affirms why we have chosen to homeschool.” Stephanie B., 2016
  • “We have been coming to the MPE conference for about eight years now. Every year I leave feeling encouraged and energized and ready to continue on our homeschooling journey. I love meeting the other homeschooling parents before the sessions start and you can’t beat the vender hall! Everything in one place. The sessions are always interesting and helpful. My kids look forward to the Children’s Program each year as well. You would think we were on our way to Great Wolf Lodge they are so excited to get there.” Kristyn B., 2016
    • Recommendation on a letter sent to our office

“We have so enjoyed being a part of MPE over the many years and also taking part of the special graduation ceremonies that reflect the heart and spirit of homeschooling. Through the span of four of our five daughters, we want to tell you how much these ceremonies have meant to us as parents and also to each one of our daughters.” -Gary and Stacey

    • Recommendation on a survey about the 2014 homeschool conference

“MPE is fantastic. I appreciate the variety of ways you help me to homeschool better, fulfilling the role God has given me.”

“So blessed by two days at the conference with my hubby, Thomas …! Great speakers, prayer, seeing friends, and acquaintances. Saving money on exciting new resources for homeschooling. A wonderful weekend! Thanks Midwest Parent Educators!”