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Top 10 Homeschool Blog Posts For 2022

By December 26, 2022January 6th, 2023No Comments

It’s been quite the year of blogging for us, and we have the most popular homeschool blog posts to prove it! Here are the top posts ranked by our readers in 2022:

1. How to write a school withdrawal letter (templates included)

Although you can formally withdraw your children by phone, letter or in person, we recommend a letter as a hard-copy option that can be used if any legal problems arise.

Here’s an easy guide complete with templates tailored to residents in Kansas or Missouri.

2. Understanding homeschool laws in Missouri (Q&A)

This interview with Scott Woodruff, Senior Counsel at Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), took place after Scott experienced too many questions to answer during one of his sessions at our homeschool conference!

See all the details to understanding the procedures and legalities involved in Missouri homeschooling.

3. 10 ideas to name your homeschool in Kansas

Every homeschool in Kansas is treated as a non-accredited private school, so you need to name it!

Just before you go overboard on names, remember that the school name can appear on official documents like high school transcripts.

See these great ideas for naming your homeschool in a way that won’t haunt your kids for life!

4. At what age should my child start homeschooling?

Thinking about homeschooling, but not sure where to start based on your children’s ages?

Check out this great post with points to consider whatever age your children are in order to help them begin homeschooling as smoothly as possible.

5. 20 field trip destinations for KC homeschoolers 

We have a wealth of activities for homeschool families right in the KC area. See one mom’s recommendations for the most enjoyable field trips for her support group!

6. About to withdraw your child from school? 5 things to know 

It’s important to know the steps for a school withdrawal so you don’t disclose more information than you need to. For example, some schools may want parents to sign a withdrawal letter that the school has already written. These are not legally required and we strongly recommend you not sign any pre-formulated withdrawal letters, but come up with your own.

7. Tax breaks for homeschoolers in Kansas or Missouri?

We often hear this question from people interested in homeschooling, and it makes sense. After all, we are definitely providing a public good – the education and well-being of the next generation of citizens!

8. The 11 best homeschool deals in KC

We have such a wealth of homeschool deals in the Kansas City area that it can sometimes be overwhelming! Where should you start first? What are the nice-to-knows vs. the must-haves? Which deals come through every year, and which are just one-time specials?

9. Can I legally homeschool other people’s children in Kansas or Missouri?

As homeschooling becomes more mainstream, it is becoming more acceptable to compensate a parent to homeschool another family’s child(ren). Since you are the principal of your homeschool, the state considers you ultimately responsible for your student’s education. That responsibility continues even if you sub-contract that out to another teacher or community college, etc.

10. Problems withdrawing from school? 5 important facts to know

If you’re new to homeschooling and have been receiving push-back after sending your school withdrawal letter, these important facts will help you know your legal rights and avoid unnecessary hurdles.

Interested in further homeschool blog posts?

Here are other top posts from this year:

record keeping homeschool records
first year homeschool advice

Over the next few days, we’ll be celebrating the holiday season with family and friends and taking some well-earned time off from the office.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for homeschool blog posts in 2023, feel free to add them in a comment below!

Shanxi Omoniyi

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